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Welcome to iHealth Patient Compliance Net. Better patient compliance. Your source for up-to-date information on medical devices and services to improve medication adherence / reduce medication non-adherence:
(medication reminders, pill dispensers and reminders, pillboxes, medical alarm watches and automatic pill dispensers with lock).

Drugs don't work in patients who don't take them

C Everett Koop, MD
Remember Prescription (Rx) and OTC drugs ("pills") only work with patients who take their medications regularly.


PATIENT COMPLIANCE: (improve patient compliance / medication adherence to a Prescription Rx / OTC schedule) Medical Devices to help improve Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence


  • Alarm Wrist Watch (regular size): CADEX 12 daily alarms. Sound and Text Alarms
  • Smart Wrist Watch: SmartMonitor Watch Wrist Watch / Monitor for Epilepsy Patients. Sound and Text Alarms
  • Vibrating Watch (regular size): Medos / MeDose 6 daily alarms. Vibrating or Sound Alarms
  • Alarm Watch: WatchMinder Vibration + alpha message reminder
  • Alarm Watch: VibraLITE vibration alarms 2, 3, 8 or 12 per day
  • Oversized Analog Alarm Watch ('with hands'): Almeda Vibration or sound alarm. 6 Alarms per day
  • Alarm Watches: 6, 12 or up to 200 Daily Alarms. Vibration Alarm, Sound Alarm or Text Message
  • Key Ring: Maybe you just need ... A LITTLE REMINDER Remote Device
  • SMS Mobile / Cell Phone: SMS Messages Mobile Text Reminder
  • Key Ring: Key Chain Medication Reminder e-pill MED EZ
  • Pill Bottle: Dial Vial Simple mechanical vial cap counter
  • Pill Cup: Dr Dosage Simple mechanical medicine cup dispenser / pill cup dispenser
  • Pill Bottle: Smart Pill Cap with Alarm (up 24 alarms per Day) e-pill TimeCap
  • Connected Pill Bottle: Smart Bottle Connected Smart Pill Cap
  • Connected Pill Bottle: Smart Bottle (iCap (bluetooth pill bottle cap) , iSort (bluetooth pill box) and iConnect Smartphone APP) Bluetooth Connected Medication Reminders
  • Internet Connected Pill Bottle: Glow Caps Alerts by Cell Phone or e-mail if meds are missed. (Vitality).
  • Wireless Smart Pillbox (connected pill box): Tricella Alerts if medications are missed.
  • Smart Pill Bottle Dispenser: Monitors medication taking (CleverCap)
  • Medication Event Monitoring Pill Bottle: Monitors medication taking (MEMS SmartCap) Medication Event Monitoring System
  • Mobile / Cell Phone / Smart Phone: Alerts your Mobile/Cell Phone/SmartPhone, at the right time, not to forget your medicine..

    Pill Dispenser - Tablet Dispenser - Oral Medication Dispenser
    Automatic Pill Dispenser - Medication Dispensing Machine - Locked Pill Dispenser. An e-pill Medication Reminder machine is THE ANSWER for anyone with a COMPLICATED DISPENSING SCHEDULE or requiring LOCKED access to medications.

  • Pill Dispenser (Portable): e-pill medimi: Automatic portable pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 15 times per Day by MedicPen.
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Medfolio: old-fashioned “pill box� meets the 21st century Alarms 4 times per Day. Holds meds for 1 week
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Medido: Unit Dose Automatic Pill Dispenser Philips Lifeline medication dispensing unit. Clinical study shows 96% medication adherence rate.
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Med-Time PLUS: Automatic pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 24 times per Day. LONG alarm duration and LARGE pill capacity.
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Med-Time XL: Automatic pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 28 times per Day. Original Made in Sweden Pill Dispenser.
  • Monitored Pill Dispenser (Home use): MedSmart PLUS Automatic pill dispenser (Tunstall / American Medical Alert Corporation / AMAC / e-pill) Monitored (FREE monitoring included / No monthly fees). Dispenses up to 6 times per Day. LARGE pill capacity.
  • Pill Dispenser Pillwise Pill Dispenser up to 28 doses.
  • Pill Dispenser HeroHealth Pill Dispenser holds a month’s supply of ten different pills.
  • Pill Dispenser: MedSmart (American Medical Alert Corporation AMAC e-pill): Automatic pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 6 times per Day. LARGE pill capacity.
  • Pill Dispenser: Tamper Resistant Automatic Pill Dispenser. The e-pill MD3 Alarms and Dispenses up to 4 times per Day.

    Can you achieve better medication adherence? How about a proven 98.6% Patient Compliance / Medication Adherence rate

    Tamper Resistant Dispenser / Narcotic Pill Box / CII / CIII Drugs / Pain Medications Dispenser / Methadone / Suboxone Buprenorphine visit

  • Tamper Resistant Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser (Multiple Independent Locks): e-pill MedTime SAFE (for Pain Pills, Psych Meds, CII / C III, methadone, buprenorphine and other Rx Meds)
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Combination Lock: Medicus Health
  • Medicine Lock Boxes and Prescription Medication Lock Boxes: McShane Welding
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Combination Lock: MedSafe
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Timed Lock: e-pill Kitchen Pill Safe
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Box with Timed Lock: Dose-Control Dispenser
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Timed Lock: CompuMed (dispense up to Four (4) Times Daily).
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Timed Lock: Med-O-Wheel (dispense up to Four (4) Times Daily).
  • Tamper Resistant Pill Dispenser with Timed Lock: my Ubox Smart Pillbox

  • Proven Automatic Pill Dispenser
    This Automatic Medication Dispenser from Philips Lifeline greatly improves Medication Adherence and Patient Compliance. 6,660,000 (almost 7 million!) possible dispenses from MD2s. 98.6% of those resulted in an actual dispense. Made by Philips.

    CVS Report On Medication Adherence Visit Site Rx Adherence
    (download PDF Advancing Adherence & The Science of Pharmacy Care

  • Dispense in a Cup. Locked e-pill Station Pill Dispenser: Station with Tipper Auto dispense up to 6 times per day (e-pill Station). Locked automatic pill dispenser dispenses pills in a medicine cup (reuseable / included).
  • Pivotell Dispenser: Monitored Pill Dispenser (GSM) (available in the UK market)
  • EMMA Pill Dispenser: EMMA Remote Medication Management System
  • Dispense-A-Pill Pill Dispenser: Dispense-A-Pill electronic medication dispenser
  • Pill Dispenser Tipper for e-pill MD1: e-pill Tipper Auto dispense up to 28 times per day (e-pill MD1) in a cup.
  • Philips Medication Dispensing Service: Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser (Philips Lifeline / PMDS) Alarms and Dispenses medications up to 6 times per Day. Holds up to 1 month of medications (at 2 times per day). Will call caregiver's phone if patient does not take medications on time.
  • PharmAdva Pill Dispenser: PharmAdva Automatic Pill Dispenser Dispenses up to 16 different medications daily.
  • PharmRight Pill Dispenser: Livi Automatic Pill Dispenser Dispenses up to 15 different medications daily.
  • CompuMed Pill Dispenser: CompuMed electronic medication dispenser. Auto dispense up to 4 times per Day. Tamper Resistant. Refill every seven days.
  • MedReady Pill Dispenser: MedReady Auto dispense up to 4 times per day.
  • Med-Time XL Pill Dispenser: Med Time XL Auto dispense up to 28 times per day (e-pill MD1).
  • TabSafe Pill Dispenser: TabSafe Pharmacy-filled medication dispenser.
  • Tablet Pill Reminder: Meda Check
  • Interactive Pill Reminder: PillDrill Simplify the task of everyday pill taking
  • Autopills Pill Dispenser: Autopills Weekly automatic pill dispenser networked monitoring.
  • MedSmart Non-Monitored Pill Dispenser: MedSmart Stand-Alone MD2 Automatic Pill Dispenser with Patient Compliance Dashboard.
  • MedSmart Monitored Pill Dispenser: MedSmart MONITORED (no monthly fees EVER) Automatic Pill Dispenser MD2 PLUS with Patient Compliance Dashboard. | VIDEO

  • SimpleMed Pill Dispenser: Monitored SimpleMed Weekly Semi-automatic Pill Dispenser (Connected Pill Box).
  • Pill Dispenser: Monitored Innospense Automatic Pill Dispenser (Connected Pill Box) of pre-packaged medications.
  • MedMinder Pill Dispenser: Monitored MedMinder Weekly Semi-automatic Pill Dispenser (Connected Pill Box).
  • Hebdomedic Pill Dispenser: Hebdomedic Hebdomedic medication dispenser.
  • Pill Dispenser: Pill Bottle with Cell Phone Alarm Using SIM (Cell Phone) Technology
  • Pill Dispenser / PICOS / Patient Compliance Monitoring Device: VitaPhone Medication Adherence Support System (MASS).
  • Pill Dispenser: Medfolio Pill Organizer and Reminder System
  • Pill Dispenser: SentiCare Pillstation Pill Organizer and Monitored Reminder System | VIDEO
  • Pill Dispenser Alternative: Medicine-On-Time Blister Packaging for all your medications (pharmacy system, unit-of-use packaging)
  • Pill Dispenser Alternative: Pill Pack Unit Dose Bags for all your medications (mail-order, unit-of-use packaging)
  • Pill Dispenser Alternative: "Portable Medicine Cabinet" Locked Medicine Organizer with Simple Reminder (ZipperSure)

    This e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser can notify remote caregivers (monitored) if medications have not been dispensed.

    Insulin Reminder - Insulin Timer - Insulin Alarm
    Electronic devices to help you better manage your insulin regimen

  • Elapsed Time (since last Insulin Injection): InsulCheck (Timer that fits onto your insulin pen)
  • Elapsed Time (since last Insulin Injection): TimeSulin (Replacement cap with timer. Fits onto insulin pen)
  • Scheduled Insulin Injection time: Diabetes Alert (Alarm Timer works for all makes of insulin)

  • Parkinson's - Medication Reminders and Movement Recorder tools
    Medication (levodopa) Alarm Timers and other device for Parkinson's
    Electronic devices to help you better manage your PD / Parkinson regimen

  • Elapsed Time (since last PD Medicines taken): TimeCap (Timer that fits onto your PD medication bottle)
  • Interval Alarm Timer (for PD Meds): MeDose Parkinson (Alarm Watch for Parkinson's patients)
  • Scheduled PD Meds time: Parkinsons Alarm Pillbox (Alarm Timer works for all Parkinsons medcations)
  • Measurement of Parkinsons' Wellness / Control: Watch to Gauge PD Wellness (shaking / movement recording tool) (Watch with Accelerometer and Medication Reminder)

  • TENS and Migraine Treatment Devices

  • Electronic (non-drug) treatment for migraines: Cefaly Anti-migraine Device

  • Pill Container: Clever Pill Bottle Alarm with LAST TAKEN visual indicator (e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap or Prescript TimeCap).
  • Pill Container: Pill Bottle Alarm: Pill Vial with a Brain!
  • Medication Tablet Dispenser & Timer: e-pill Multi-Alarm Easy to Set Pillbox Timers
  • Pill Organizer: Medication Manager: Organizer & Reminder System
  • Pill Organizer: Eyes on Elders: Have you forgotten your medication today?
  • Automatic Pill Dispenser: Personal Medication Management System
  • Pill Container / MEMS / Patient Compliance Monitoring Device: AARDEX The Patient Compliance Experts
  • Pill Timer: e-pill Multiple alarm reminder and pillbox: Simple to program.
  • Pill Timer: affordable pill timers and pill dispensers. Simple to set.
  • Cell Phone: Jitterbug: Medication Reminders on your cell phone.
  • Home Phone or Cell Phone: MedVoice: Medication Reminders sent to your phone.
  • Pager: MedPrompt: Custom programmed alpha numeric pager.
  • Pager: PageMinder: Reminders for medication, appointments, or daily living skills.
  • Pager Alternative: 12 Alarm e-pill Vibrating Pager - no monthly fees!
  • Pager Alternative: Timex: USB Computer Watch (PDA on your wrist) - no monthly fees!
  • Eye Drop Alarm: MEDALARM: eyedrop reminder alarm.
  • Digestible microc for humans /Medication Compliance Pill Alarm: Proteus: The e-Pill that will Monitor Your Health.
  • USB Watch: PDA on your Wrist: Multi-Alarm watch with up to 200 Alarms.
  • Pocket Timer (Belt Loop / Handbag) Carabiner 12 Alarm Timer with SNOOZE: Multi-Timer with Text Alarm and 3 minute Snooze This e-pill will nag you for up to 4 hours.
  • Vibrating Alarm Clock: Sonic Shaker / Shakeawake: Reminds you with a strong vibrating alarm.
  • Pill Organizer Tipper Device: Makes it easy to handle your e-pill automatic pill dispenser.
  • Vibrating Alarm Watch: MeDose: Reminds you with up to 6 daily alarms. No reset required.
  • Vibrating Alarm Pager: e-pill: Reminds you with up to 12 daily alarms. No reset required.
  • Pill Vial Timer: Zoltan Cap / Also sold as Prescript Vial (Wheaton Medical Technologies)
  • Watch: Medication Reminder Watch & ICE (In Case of Emergency) Medical Alert data bank.
  • Watch: VibraPlus 8 Alarm Watch Easy to Use Medication Reminder / Pill Timer Alarm Watch with STRONG Vibration Alarm
  • Watch: Vibrating Watch: MeDose reminds children with diabetes (insulin/tests/meds)
  • Watch: Reminder Watch & Medical Alert "away from home": Up to 12 daily alarms with alpha (text) message, long alarm duration (up to 240 minutes) and 3 minute snooze.
  • Organizer: World's best weekly pill organizer. Great for travel.
  • Intelligent Blister Packaging: Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor). Monitor patient compliance using standard blister packaging without active patient input.
  • Statistics: Introduction to Patient Compliance Statistics
  • Statistics: Patient Compliance Statistics Overview of Non-Compliance with Medication by Allan Wilson, MD, Ph.D.
  • Patient Compliance: Take Your Medicine A Guide to pill boxes, dispensers and reminders. Free Download: Report: Take your Medicine (PDF format)
  • Patient Compliance: AlignMap A No-nonsense approach to 'real world' treatment implementation.

  • ELDERCARE: Fall Prevention, Medical Alarms, PERS (PERS = Personal Emergency Response Systems) and Real Time Home Health Monitoring (telehealthcare) Devices and Services

  • Digital SOS Medical Alert: CADEX ICE (no monthly fees) In Case of Emergency works outside your home.
  • Portable ECG (Patient Use) Telehealthcare Device: AliveCor (no monthly fees) Heart Monitor (mobile device based).
  • PERS: Quiet Care: 24/7 Home Health Security System Unobtrusive wireless sensors monitor the senior.
  • PERS: Philips Lifeline Systems: Personal Response and Support Services
  • PERS: e-pill: Personal Emergency Response System - Use your cellular phone (NO Monthly Fees)
  • PERS: American Medical Alert Corp: Personal Response Services & Medical Alarms
  • PERS: ADT: Home Health Services
  • PERS: AlertOne: National provider of Medical Alarms and Personal Emergency Response Systems.
  • PERS: LifeFone: Personal Emergency Response Systems.
  • PERS: VITAL-LINK: Personal Emergency Response Systems.
  • PERS: ADC Medi-Alert Emergency Response Help Button
  • PERS: VRI Pers onal Emergency Response Systems and Medication Dispensers

  • TeleHealthCare Ideal Life real time home health monitoring.
  • TeleHealthCare HealthyCircles care coordination platform

  • Mobile PERS: 5STAR Urgent Response (monthly fees apply) In Case of Emergency this Digital SOS works inside and outside of your home.
  • Mobile PERS: MobileHelp Anywhere Help Button (monthly fees apply) This PERS works inside and outside of your home.
  • "Away from Home" Mobile PERS: e-pill Digital SOS (no monthly fees) In Case of Emergency this Digital SOS works outside your home.
  • Mobile PERS: MPERS Anywhere Help Button and GPS Locator (monthly fees apply) from Lifecomm.
  • Mobile PERS iPhone: 5Star Anywhere Help Button and GPS Locator (monthly fees apply) using your iPhone (smart-phone).
  • Mobile PERS iPhone and Android: vSOS Anywhere Help Button and GPS Locator (monthly fees apply) using your iPhone or Android (smart-phone).

  • Fall Prevention: HIPS: Hip Protector for the Elderly
  • Fall Prevention: HipSaver: Hip Protector for the Elderly
  • Fall Prevention: SAFEHIP: The World's Most Popular Hip Protector
  • Fall Prevention: Bed Guard / Bed Rail / Bed Handle
  • Fall Prevention: Manual Transfer Devices (for patients with impaired mobility).
  • Fall Prevention: Medical Alarm - No Monthly Fees
  • Wheelchairs: 1stSeniorCare: Manual and Motorized Wheelchairs
  • Wheelchairs: The Wheelchair Site
  • Nordic Walk (Fall Prevention): Learn how walking may help older men and women sidestep Hip Fractures.

    Visit Savvy Senior a national information service devoted to older Americans and the families who support them. More Senior Resources click here


  • Asthma: PuffMinder DOSER / MedReady / MED-EZ / Whistle Watch
  • Diabetes: Reminder watch for children with diabetes
  • Adult ADD (adult attention deficit disorder): ADD Reminders & Timers for Adults
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder): ADHD Reminders for Children and Adults
  • ADD / ADHD / Dyslexia care: Customized exercise (non-drug) techniques
  • Cancer & More: Planner: Health notebook for seriously ill people
  • Children & Asthma: Peak Flow Meter for Children with Asthma.
  • Children & Asthma: Smart Inhaler. Asthma inhaler with ring tones improves compliance with inhaled steroids in childhood asthma.
  • Children & Diabetes: Vibrating watch reminds boys w/ diabetes of insulin shots
  • Children & Diabetes: Vibrating Watch: MeDose Girls reminds with a private reminder
  • Children & Toilet Training: Bed Wetting Store specializes in the treatment of children who wet.
  • Children & Toilet Training: Vibrating Watch Use count down (90 minutes) autoreset timer as a discreet potty reminder.
  • Children & Toilet Training: PeeJ’s Bedwetter Pants Comfortable, washable clothing for bedwetters
  • Children & Toilet Training: Potty MD Helping kids to stop and go.
  • Children & Toilet Training: Dry Buddy An Easy-to-Use and Live-With Bedwetting Alarm System.
  • Kidney disease: A Worldwide Kidney Disease Community
  • Ostomy/Coleostomy/Ileostomy: FREE One & Two Piece Samples & Information
  • Neonatal Ostomy: Neonatal Ostomy Care
  • Asthma / Allergy: Achoo Allergy
  • Allergy: Allergy Learning Lab
  • Drug List: RxList - The Internet Drug Index
  • Back Health: Information about modern spinal fusion
  • Knee Health: - Your complete source for knee health
  • Neck Health: Neck problems? Learn as much as you can about what might be causing your symptoms
  • Incontinence: InContiNet
  • Vitamins : Vitamins & Nutrional Information
  • Children/Adolescents w/ Elimination Disorders: Parent Talk Watches / Reminders for Children
  • Health Coach: Good Health is a Long Life Achievement.
  • Flatulence Control: Flat-D control & deodorizer
  • Flatulence Control: Odor Assassin deodorizer
  • General "Selfcare": - Health Source to the World


    MEDICAL ID (Identification) / MEDICAL ALERT:

  • Medical ID Jewelry: SOS ID Pendant
  • Watch Medical Alert: CADEX: Medical Alert ID Watch w/ 12 Medication Reminder Alarms
  • Medication ID: Right Meds, Right Time, Right Dosage

    GENERAL SELF-CARE (On-Line Medical Information):

    Med Smart on CBS / Good Morning America HEALTH

  • Information, articles, reviews, and FAQs on home medical supplies and equipment: The Med Supply Guide
  • We bring doctors' knowledge to you: MedicineNet
  • Great Selfcare Site : CBS Healthwatch by Medscape
  • Learn about Medication Non-Adherence: The Reasons for Non-Adherence
  • General Selfcare: Health World -
  • General Selfcare: WebMD -
  • General Selfcare: Medscape - Medical Supersite
  • General Selfcare: InteliHealth - Johns Hopkins Health Information
  • General Selfcare: Cyberspace Telemedical Office
  • Medical Care / Legal Help: Medical Malpractice Definitions and Help.



  • Software and Hardware for Persons with Special Needs: RJ Coopers
  • Assistive Listening Devices ("hearing aids"): Affordable ALDs
  • Assistive Listening Devices ("directional in-the-ear hearing aid"): The Babble
  • Fall Prevention Devices (Bed Rails): HI Protector
  • Pill Timers for Parkinson's Patients: MEDclock Medication Reminders for Parkinson's

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