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  • We are the largest US provider of Medical Devices designed to help improve Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence (reduce or eliminate Medication Non-Adherence). We market 53 different e-pill® Medication Reminders (PDF Catalog) and have been in business for over 15 years (since 1999). We are located in Boston, Massachusetts. Our devices (electronic alarm timers for medical purposes) are sold to distributors, patient-direct via the web and to hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, biotech and insurance companies. Our devices are routinely being used in clinical studies by the healthcare industry.

    Eliminate Medication Arguments! Our e-pill Automated Medication Dispensers increases medication compliance SIGNIFICANTLY (often better than 98%). Get notified if the don't take their pills! Keep Mom and Dad at home longer, reduce costs, eliminate the medication argument, increase quality of life and independence with an e-pill Medication Reminder.
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