PRESCRIPT TimeCap Medication Reminder System

e-pill PRESCRIPT TimeCap

PRESCRIPT TimeCap - The Medication Reminder System Pill Bottle Timer (Pill Vial Timer).

Prescript TimeCap: ORDER Prescript TimeCap e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap.

JAMA Article (Electronic Medication Packaging Devices and Medication Adherence A Systematic Review)

Before using your PRESCRIPT TimeCap (Bottle Cap Timer with Alarms) read the instructions carefully and then follow the directions step-by-step.

The Prescript device is not child proof. | Home

Download: Manual for PRESCRIPT TimeCap Medication Reminder User Instructions (pdf)
Download Old (previous version) Manual
ORDER e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap (SKU 941457 / UPC 837066000039).

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