VitaCarry | Daily Pillbox Timer

VitaCarry | Daily Pillbox Timer

VitaCarry | Daily Pillbox Timer
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Alarm Can be Set to Vibrate or Sound or Both.

The easy-to-use e-pill VitaCarry timer can alarm up to times per day. The alarms automatically reset and can vibrate, beep, or both. The durable pillbox is water and airtight. This handy medication reminder and pillbox fits in your purse or briefcase.

Key Features:
  • Vibrating Alarm and/or Sound Alarm
  • Organize all your daily medications - seven compartments
  • Alarm directs patient to specific medication compartment (up to 7 times per day)
  • Air/Water tight (full gasket protection)
  • "Missed Pill" Function
  • Large Pill Capacity (up to 25 aspirin sized pills x 7)
  • Great for Travel

This e-pill 7 Alarm Vibrating Pillbox medication reminder has large pill capacity- each compartment holds 25 aspirin sized pills. Alarm duration (vibrating alarm/sound alarm / visual alarm or all three) up to 10 minutes. Missed pill feature is turned on after 1 hour. Easy to read display with backlight. Complete pill reminder system including Batteries.

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Capacity: Holds 25 Aspirin sized tablets per Dose.

Alarm Duration: 10 minutes

Size: 6 inch x 4 inch x 1 1/2 inch Weight: 7 Oz.

Color: White

Battery life: 1 Year; 2 x AAA included

Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC | One (1) Year Warranty by Manufacturer. | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee |

e-pill 7 Alarm Vibrating Pillbox. Timer with 7 Daily Vibrating Alarms or Sound Alarm or Both and Pill Organizer (white). Includes 2 AAA Batteries and Instruction Manual / SKU 793405 / UPC 635893000105

Instruction Manual
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