MedTime Station/Plus/XL<br>Tipping Station

MedTime Station/Plus/XL
Tipping Station

MedTime Station/Plus/XL
Tipping Station
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An e-pill Tipper can be supplied for those with insufficient strength, medication induced tremors or limited dexterity to lift and dispense their medications from an automatic pill dispenser. Works similar to a Kettle Tipper / Tea Tipper. Patent US 9,198,834 and 9,539,177. Includes Stainless Steel Medicine Cup.

It can be used with the following automatic pill dispensers: e-pill Med-Time, e-pill MedTime XL, e-pill MedTime Plus, e-pill MD1, e-pill MD1 PLUS, MEDTIME 651, Med-Time 651, e-pill Med-Time XL, e-pill MedTime PLUS, Careousel and Careousel ADVANCE Pill Dispensers.

Learn how the e-pill Tipper works for your automatic pill dispenser: VIDEO How the e-pill Tipper Works.

NOTE Pill Dispenser NOT included.
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