CompuMed - Tamper Resistant

CompuMed - Tamper Resistant

CompuMed - Tamper Resistant
Item# 992033
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Safe and Intuitive Personal Medication Management for all Patients. Help Prevent Medication Errors!

CONTROL INTAKE: The e-pill CompuMed is a tamper-resistant automatic pill dispenser. We developed the system to be a key component in helping patients, families, and healthcare professionals control the misuse and dependence of medications relating to pain management or mental disorders. No monthly fees.

IDEAL FOR: This dispenser is great for those who want to see their loved ones live more independently while also staying safe.

SECURITY: Patients will only have access to the medications which have been dispensed

FEATURES: Locked medication tray, up to 4 daily alarms, 7x4 weekly medication tray (7 days x 4 compartments per day). AC powered with 3 months of battery backup.

CompuMed dispenses dry oral medications (pills, tablets, caplets, etc.) and displays important instructions (text messages on the screen) for all your medications.

SET-UP: Pills are loaded into a tray that slides into the top of the device. The tray is locked into position using a key. The time of day and alarms are set up using the buttons on the front of the unit. Alarms will auto-repeat at the same time every day.

HOW it WORKS: When it is time for the patient to take their medication, the alarm will sound & pills will fall into an easily accessed drawer. The patient will pull out the drawer and take the pills. All other medicine is inaccessible. The alarm is automatically turned off as soon as the drawer has been pulled out of the device.
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Size: 7" wide, 6" high, and 11" deep
Pill Capacity: 25 aspirin-sized tablets per dose. Maximum four (4) Doses per Day. Each pill compartment is 25 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm.
Color: Beige and Blue
AC Power: with backup batteries (6x C batteries included)
Battery Life: 2 Weeks without AC Power
Item: 992033
UPC: 837066002309
Made in USA
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Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC | One (1) Year Warranty | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Instruction Manual
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