Bed Wetting Enuresis Day Time Incontinence: MeDose Vibrating 6 Alarm and Count Down Timer Watch

Bladder Problems
(enuresis nocturna)
(Potty Schedule)
(Bed Wetting)
Urinary Frequency, Daytme Accidents

Use of CADEX 12 Alarm or MeDose Vibrating 6 Alarm Reminder Watch Enuresis / Bedwetting / Nocturnal Enuresis / Day Time Incontinence / Urinary Frequnecy for your child: How an e-pill MeDose Vibrating 6 Alarm Reminder Watch can be used as a training tool to help treat incontinence (bed wetting, enuresis, day time incontinence). Read what the doctor recommends for nocturnal enuresis (or bed wetting: PottyMD. FREE Standard Shipping,. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. | Daytime Incontinence Clinical Study

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This e-pill vibrating watch was purchased for the use by my son who has a overactive bladder. We needed some way to remind him to use the bathroom at specific times without drawing attention to himself in school. This has been extremely helpful. Thank you for making this product available.

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  • We had tried many medications but nothing seemed to work. My 9-year old son began to wear the e-pill MeDose watch and within the first week, he had dry underwear and hasn’t had wet pants since. He just puts his watch on every day and no one knows that it reminds him to visit the bathroom (go to the bathroom) EVERY 90 MINUTES during day time. What a difference your products have made in our lives!

    Daytime Incontinence:
    (written by an e-pill customer)

    I want to share with you how we are using the watch. My daughter has bladder wall thickening which can result in daytime incontinence.

    Our urologist recommended that we get our child to train her bladder to alleviate the problem by having her void every 90 minutes. This has been a struggle for her because it is hard for a 7 year old to remember to take a potty break every 1.5 hours.

    The e-pill MeDose vibrating alarm watch (using the auto count down and repeat Cr function) has been the best thing for our daughter. She receives the gentle reminder (watch vibrates) every 1.5 hours during day time hours. It has been of tremendous help for her and she has responded well.

    I thought you may want to know how we used it so that other children with bladder problems may be helped.
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