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Pediatric Alarm Watch Timer

Kid's Alarm Watch (Children) or Pill Dispenser - Parent Talk

We offer several types of pediatric alarm watches (alarm watch for children) and pill boxes with timers (pill dispensers for children).

Vibrating or Beeping Reminder Alarm Watch or Pill Timer for Children (Kids / Pediatric Patients)

Most Popular Alarm Watches for Children

Children's 12 Alarm Timer Watch with Medical Snooze: CADEX Pediatric Alarm Watch and Medical Alert
  • Daily Repeating: Beeping 12 Alarms per Day (no reset required)
  • Long alarm duration (up to 240 minutes)
  • Medical Snooze - nagging feature
  • Optional Alarm Text Message (user controlled / no PC needed)

  • Most Popular Pill Box Timers for Children (PEDIATRICS)

  • Daily Repeating: Pill Dispenser for Girls (up to 37 Daily Alarms)
  • Daily Repeating: Pill Dispenser for Boys (up to 37 Daily Alarms)

  • Use in Enuresis Treatment | Daytime Incontinence |

    Learn: 60% of patients achieve daytime continence in clinical study (Children)

    Learn More: Children & Asthma

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    "I have found it helpful to place the watch around my daughter's ankle rather than her wrist. She is 7 years old and not to many of her friends wear watches on a regular basis. She is also less likely to press the buttons on her watch when worn around her ankle"Michelle Kalin
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