ZipperSure - Secure Medication<br>Storage Bag

ZipperSure - Secure Medication
Storage Bag

ZipperSure - Secure Medication
Storage Bag
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Get Peace of Mind knowing that your Medication is Secure

Use your e-pill ZipperSure “locked medicine organizer bag” at home, for travel or at school (college). (click to enlarge image). Can be used for Methadone Take Home bottles.

Avoid Medication Errors and Feel Better: Restricts Access to your medications. The position of the lock indicates when you should take your next dose. The e-pill ZipperSure is a practical way to store all of your medications in their original container, so there is no need to sort in a pill/medication organizer. Labels remain intact with your meds.

VIDEO How e-pill ZipperSure Medication Management System works:

Key Features:
  • Privacy and barrier for curious children, co-workers and teenagers
  • Lock is a 3 Digit Combination Lock
  • Convenient for multiple caregivers (parents, daycare etc.)
  • Great for diabetes supplies (insulin and syringes)
  • Includes a Patient identification tag (name label)
  • Print free customized ZipperSure labels or use incl. blank labels

    Size: 11 inch x 9 1/2 inch.

    e-pill ZipperSure. e-pill ZipperSure “portable medicine cabinet” for home, travel or school. Complete Medication Management System with Labels, Combination Lock and Manual | SKU:850648 | UPC: 837066000787
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