e-pill MedSmart with "Patient Compliance Dashboard™"

e-pill MedSmart with "Patient Compliance Dashboard™"
Patient Compliance Dashboard keeps the patient 'in the loop'. | MedSmart VIDEO.

First and only automatic medication dispenser with interactive patient display keeps the patient informed: | All e-pill Automatic Pill Dispensers.

Easy to Read Patient Display with the following Information:

  • A. Day-Month-Year
  • B. Day of Week, Time and AM/PM (large font)
  • C. Next Alarm Scheduled Medication Time
  • D. Battery Status (AC adapter is included and supplies power when your e-pill MedSmart Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser is 'docked'). Batteries (4 X AA) are also used for back-up power in case you experience a power outage.
  • E. Alarm Melody / Sound selected
  • F. Doses Left in active medication tray inside the locked dispenser. Spare medication tray included (can be filled remotely). Each compartment holds 20 aspirin sized tablets. You may purchase additional spare trays. True 28 dose capacity. Set two (2) alarms for the same time to increase tablet capacity.
  • G. Medication Times Left today and Total Medication Doses scheduled for today.

  • Healthy Aging. Learn about e-pill MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser: How It Works | Features | Dashboard | Manual | ORDER: MedSmart | MedSmart PLUS | Event Reporting

    Our e-pill MedSmart automatic pill dispenser keeps the patient updated and motivated to help achieve better patient compliance and medication adherence. The easy to read display shows updated patient compliance information such as; NEXT ALARM, ALARMS LEFT for the day and DOSES LEFT in the active medication tray inside your e-pill dispenser. Order your e-pill MedSmart today
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