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Avoid Medication Errors with the e-pill MedSmart Locked Automatic Pill

This Robust Medication Management Solution, the e-pill MedSmart Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser with Patient Compliance Dashboard helps ensure that medications are taken properly and on time. All the patient has to do is to wait for the alarm, turn the dispenser over, and dispense the medications. Right Meds, Right Dose, Right Time - Every Time with your e-pill MedSmart Dispenser.

This dispenser is automatic, so you only need to set it up once and it will automatically alarm and dispense medications at the same time every day. Never Forget or Double Dose Again!

Key Features e-pill MedSmart
  • Simple to Use for the Patient
  • Lockable with KEY (2 keys included)
  • Early Dose Feature (optional)
  • Dispense up to 6 times per day
  • Long Alarm Duration (Indefinitely when on docking station / 90 minutes when on battery power).
  • Patient Compliance Dashboard™ allows patients to see how many doses are left
  • Loud Sound and Blinking Light
  • AC Power with Battery Backup
  • High Pill Capacity of 20 Aspirin-sized pills
  • No Monthly Fees

How-It-Works: The alarm will sound & pills will rotate into position. Lift up the device with one hand, turn the dispenser upside down to allow the pills to fall into your other open hand. All other medicine is inaccessible. The alarm stops when the device is turned upside down (alarm will continue to sound indefinite or stop after 90 minutes if on battery power). Easy to hold with rubber grips.

Easy Set-up & Tray Loading: Load the pills in the medication 29 compartment tray. Each compartment has a capacity equal to 20 Aspirin sized tablets. For added capacity, you may set two alarms for the same time and double the capacity. Set the alarm clock. You can program up to 6 alarms per day. The unique Early Dose feature allows the patient to access medications before scheduled medication time. Great for all tablets, vitamins, and capsules.

Dispensing Schedule
  • 1 medication time per day – refill tray every 28 days (4 weeks!)
  • 2 medication times per day – refill tray every 14 days (2 weeks!)
  • 3 medication times per day – refill tray every 9 days
  • 4 medication times per day – refill tray every 7 days (once per week!)
  • 5 medication times per day – refill tray every 5 days
  • 6 medication times per day – refill tray every 4 days

  • My patients that are using the MD2 have Dementia. We try them with traditional med-planners first and if they fail we go to the MedSmart. I was skeptical at first thinking they would not remember what to when the alarm went off but I have not had one failure yet. Several of the other Nurses use them and have had the same success.

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    Capacity: Holds 20 Aspirin sized tablets per Dose. Max 6 Doses ('medication events') per Day.

    Size: 8 1/2 inch (round) x 2 1/2 inch | Weight: 28 oz.

    Color: White | Keys: Two (2) Metal Keys are Included.

    Power: AC adapter included. The dispenser is AC powered when the pill dispenser is on the Docking Station.

    Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC | One (1) Year Warranty by Manufacturer. | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    e-pill MD2 MedSmart Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser with AC Docking Base. Early dose feature. Locked Medication Dispensing System, 2 Keys, 6 Dosage Rings, Instruction Manual, Batteries (4 x Alkaline AA) and UL approved AC Adapter. / SKU 993019 / UPC 837066001258 / Model 660 / Tunstall / AMAC / American Medical Alert / MedSmart

    No Monthly Fees

    Instruction Manual
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