Kidney Transplant Patients

Kidney Transplant Patients
Renal Transplant Patients
and Medication Adherence

An electronic monitoring system and personalized counseling can help patients improve their medication adherence rates, according to a new study. | Learn More

Kidney transplant recipients improved their adherence by about 40% using prescription bottles with integrated microcircuits that record each time they take their medication and wirelessly transmit the data to health care professionals, said the study, published online in the journal Clinical Transplantation. | Automatic dispenser that will phone the patient | Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser used Kidney Transplant Organ Rejection Study.

Patients received detailed electronic feedback on how well they were sticking to the immunosuppressive drug regimens that are critical to helping their bodies accept a new kidney.

  • 40% of patients don't take drugs as prescribed. They also received personalized phone counseling from a nurse on how better to remember to take their medicine.

    For example, one patient who frequently forgot to take medications during the morning rush was advised to put them in the car to take them on the drive to work.

    Previous research has shown that about a third of kidney transplant recipients failed to take their medications daily as prescribed, and three-quarters had trouble taking them at the right times. An Institute of Medicine report released in 2006 cited research estimating that 40% of patients do not take their drugs as prescribed.

    "Medication adherence doesn't really change with education about the disease or the drug"

    Medication adherence doesn't really change with education about the disease or the drug said said Cynthia Russell the lead author of the study and an associate professor of nursing at the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing.

    "What works is this whole idea of self-monitoring," she said.

    "We're probably spending too much time focusing on patient education, and we probably need to focus on these kinds of techniques to help patients actually change their medication adherence."

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