Kidney Transplant / Renal Transplant: Care Tips & Commonly used e-pill Medication Reminders

Kidney Transplant Medication Adherence
Renal Transplant Medication Adherence
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"I just had to email and let you know how pleased I am with my CADEX Medic-Alert watch. I don't miss my meds anymore and that is such a blessing. My 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. meds are extremely important that I take them on time so I don't lose my new kidney.

Thank you for a wonderful product and making it so easy to program"
God bless, Mary Friedberg

Making your Medications Work for You after a Renal Transplant / Kidney Transplant

A successful kidney (renal) transplant is not a cure for kidney disease but it does offer the patient enhanced quality and duration of life. It is also more effective than long-term dialysis therapy.

After surgery the transplant recipient will need to take numerous immunosuppressive medications. Post-operative transplant medicines are critical to protect the new organ from being rejected by your immune system. It’s imperative for the patient to adhere to the medication regimen as prescribed in addition to attending their doctor appointments.

The transplant team will closely monitor blood levels to make sure the patient has the right level of transplant medicine. Frequent adjustment to the medication regimen will be made accordingly, which can add to the confusion of a complicated medication schedule.

Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser
used in Kidney Transplant Organ Rejection Study

Many renal transplant patients have difficulty taking the right medications on time everyday. This task can be overwhelming because of the number of pills they have to take and many patients find it difficult to remember the time schedule. In order to maintain the outcome and a healthy life after transplant, patients must adhere to their medication regimen.

3 popular items helps improve post renal transplant patient compliance/medication adherence:

  • Watch: e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Medication Reminder and Medical Alert Watch (SKU 952431 & 952433 )
  • Pill Box: e-pill 7-Day Organizer & Reminder (SKU 960615)
  • Pill Dispenser: e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE Locked Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser (SKU 870812)

  • The e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Medication Reminder and Medical Alert Watch is a great device for active patients looking for a discreet solution. It will remind the patient up to 12 times per day to take medications via audible and visual alarm. Each alarm can be accompanied by a text message (up to 36 characters per alarm) i.e. “Prograf (Tacrolimus), Celcept (Mycophenolate Mofeti), Prednisone” etc. The text will scroll across the watch display when the alarm is sounding, telling the patient meds need to be taken at that specific time.

    The e-pill 7-Day Medication Management Organizer & Medicine Reminder is one of e-pill Medication Reminders simplest and most easy-to-use devices. This system comes complete with seven 4-compartment pillboxes labeled with the day of the week (Sunday through Saturday) and a timer with up to 37 daily alarm settings. The pillbox covers slide off, so you don't have to individually open and close every section. This makes it easier to fill your medication in each compartment. The pill timer is easy to set; you simply slide the yellow tab(s) on the hour or half-hour (6:00 AM through Midnight) you want it to go off. One slide and your alarms are set. This means you can easily adjust your alarm time schedule on weekends, vacations, etc.

    If you’re looking for a more advanced e-pill with an ever higher assurance of better medication adherence, the clinically tested e-pill Med-O-Wheel pill dispenser (click here for Tamper Resistant Med-O-Wheel version) is the device for you. This automatic pill dispenser will dispense medications up to four (4) times per day. It reminds you with a simple audio alarm, and with the press of a button your medication will dispense at the right time of day in the right dose. This portable device can fit in your purse or pocket, ideal for any transplant patient with a busy work schedule.

    e-pill Medication Reminder device can ease the frustration and pressure of how much medication a patient needs to take, which can help reduce and prevent organ rejection.

    Start Today! Visit e-pill Medication Reminders at and start taking your post transplant medications “on a more regular” basis.

    Never forget to take your Post Transplant Organ Medications Again!
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