Med-O-Wheel Smart - Portable

Med-O-Wheel Smart - Portable

Med-O-Wheel Smart - Portable
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Automatic Pill Dispenser
e-pill PD2
e-pill Med-O-Wheel Smart

Clinically tested, e-pill Med-O-Wheel Smart gives the right medication at the right time in the right dose. This is a portable automatic pill dispenser and may be used outside the home. Features a unique 180 minute medication window for each dose (60 minutes silent / 120 minutes alarm - then closed)

Key Features:
  • Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser (e-pill PD2) fits in pocket or purse.
  • Each day can be programmed for 1–4 daily medication doses.
  • Holds 14 dosage events per tray (2 medication trays included).
  • Three hour (180 minutes) medication window for each dose | Learn about dispensing window
  • Clinically tested. Locked version used in Drug Rehabilitation.
  • Quality item Made in Finland (Lokekello).
  • Designed for Institutional or Home use.
  • No Monthly Fees.

  • Precise Medication Window (180 minutes). Example: the e-pill Med-O-Wheel Smart is set to give the medication at 9 AM. The medication can be taken from the e-pill dispenser between 8 AM and 11 AM. Up to four (4) daily medication events can be scheduled.

    Operating Principle:

    When the user presses the transparent part of the device cover, Med-O-Wheel moves the correct dose for release. Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser can be used inside or outside the patient's home (work, school, out-patient clinic, rehab).

    References: This device (e-pill Med-O-Wheel Smart) is in regular use in the UK, Finland and Sweden. Published Clinical Study (Opioid Substitution Treatment / OST Opioid Replacement Therapy / ORT ).

    Alarms: 1 - 4 Medication events per day (4 doses per day). Daily medication events are always scheduled at the same time each day (PRN dosing not possible with this e-pill dispenser).

    Pill Capacity: 14 Dosage Events. Up to 18 aspirin sized tablets per dosage event.

    Alarms: up to 4 Daily Alarms. Dosage Window: 180 Minutes (60 min silent / early dose + 120 minutes alarm)

    Size: 5 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 inch Weight: 11 Oz. Battery life: 6 months (2 x AA included)

    Instruction Manual

    e-pill Med-O-Wheel Smart (e-pill PD2) Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser holds 14 doses. Up to 4 Daily Alarms. Complete medication management system with pill dispenser, 2 x 14 trays, batteries (2 x AA) and Instruction Manual/SKU 870715 / UPC 837066002712 / e-pill Med-O-Wheel Smart
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