Adherence and Compliance Tools

Adherence and Compliance Tools

Adherence Tools / e-pill Medication Reminders

We are the "experts in patient compliance / medication adherence" and offer a comprehensive line of medical devices to help your patients become and stay compliant with Rx meds (doctor's prescription) or OTC meds.

More about patient compliance devices.

Since our founding in 1999 we have developed what many call "the premier line" of adherence tools (medical instruments). Our pill timers, alarm watches and automatic pill dispensers are all sold under the "e-pill Medication Reminder" brand name.

Most Popular Adherence Tools: | Learn about E-PILL in CLINICAL STUDIES

  • e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Medication Reminder and Medical Alert Watch (e-pill CADEX) Most popular e-pill for clinical studies
  • e-pill CADEX COMPLIANCE Kit (Pill Timer + Pill Organizer + Pill Box + Stickers & Reminders).
  • e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS (often delivered without the pill box tray). See the e-pill Multi-Alarm family of devices.
  • e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap (Easy to set - up to 24 alarms per day. Proven in clinical study to improve patient compliance AND clinical end-point (blood pressure).
  • e-pill 7 Day Organizer & Reminder (Easy to Set).
  • PuffMinder DOSER Asthma Compliance Recorder and MDI Dose Counter.
  • e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating POCKET (Compact 4 alarm timer with Strong Vibration and Sound Alarm).
  • e-pill MedSmart PLUS (6 alarm automatic pill dispenser with remote monitoring and reporting).

  • Medication Adherence / Patient Compliance Tips:

    Try setting up medications ahead of time using pill boxes or automatic pill dispensers. Set the medicines up a week or two in advance, saving time each day.

    Take the day's pill box (with a timer or without an e-pill alarm) with you to work or when you are out. Use an alarm on a watch or an alarm timer to tell you when it's time for your medications.

    Discreet Reminders: If confidentiality is an issue, excuse yourself to the restroom and take your medicines there. Using an e-pill vibrating timer or e-pill MeDose vibrating watch also helps you keep your medication schedule private. | More Adherence Tools | All e-pill Medication Reminders.

    Learn more: Evaluation of the Patient Medication Adherence Questionnaire As a Tool for Self-Reported Adherence Assessment in HIV-Infected Patients on Antiretroviral Regimens (PDF) \ Statistics: Medication Adherence / Patient Complianse
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