e-pill | CADEX Weekly | PillBox Kit

e-pill | CADEX Weekly | PillBox Kit

e-pill | CADEX Weekly | PillBox Kit
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Easy to Set Alarm Timer Medication Reminder

Never forget your Medications Again! FREE Standard SHIPPING. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Avoid Medication errors, order your CADEX WEEKLY Compliance Kit from e-pill Medication Reminders today. Never forget to take your medications again. This e-pill patient compliance kit makes it very difficult to forget your medications. The e-pill� CADEX� Alarm Watch with our patented MEDICAL SNOOZE gives you a reminder every three (3) minutes until all medications have been taken for each alarm. Set up to twelve (12) daily alarms. No alarm reset required -- alarms auto reset every midnight. The included high-capacity pillbox (7 pill boxes) weekly organizer and the included reminder pieces help you keep track of all your medications. (click to enlarge images) VIDEO How the e-pill CADEX works | Locked Dispenser

The CADEX WEEKLY Patient Compliance Kit includes:
  • EASY-To-SET 12 Alarm CADEX Medication Reminder SILVER
  • Robust WEEKLY Pill ORGANIZER (MediTray)
  • Seven (7) EASY-TO-OPEN Pill Boxes (DayPlanners)
  • HIGH CAPACITY Pill Boxes. Up to 35 Aspirin sized tablets per dose
  • Refrigerator MAGNET Medication Reminder
  • Reminder STICKERS decals. Use in car, at work or school
  • POCKET Pill Box for emergencies included
  • Patient MEDICAL CHART (Regimen Card)
  • Medication Reminder CADEX used in Clinical Studies
  • No Monthly Fees

  • What is included in your e-pill CADEX WEEKLY Compliance Kit:
    (a) Medication Reminder Alarm Watch with up to 12 DAILY Alarms, (b) Seven 4 Doses per Day Large Capacity Pillboxes (easy to open pill box even for old hands - each pillbox is marked with MORN, NOON, EVE, BED), (c) Parking Tray marked (SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT), (d) Emergency Pill Pack for Pocket or Purse, (e) Refrigerator Magnet Reminder, (f) Reminder Stickers, (g) Medication Chart. - See picture - What's included with your CADEX Compliance Kit. Avoid Medication Errors and Feel Better.

    How your CADEX Alarm Watch works (VIDEO): Up to 12 daily medication reminders by sound alarm + optional text alarm (no vibration). Long alarm duration (up to 4 hours for each alarm). Alarms reset automatically each day (no reset required). Optional reminder Text Message (name and strength of medication or other prompts) for each alarm. Message scrolls across the display on the wristwatch. All settings are done on the watch -- no computer needed -- easy to set instructions. Used in clinical studies. Recommended by GOOD HOUSEKEEPING.

    Size: 9 1/2 inch x 6 3/4 inch x 1 Inch MediTray (pill organizer) with 7 Pillboxes. | Each Pill box is 5 1/4 inch x 1 1/4 inch x 1 inch (holds 35 Aspirin sized tablets per dose) | Weight: 12 Oz. | U.S. Patent 6,560,165

    Pill Capacity: 35 Aspirin sized tablets per dose. Four (4) doses per Day in Each Pill Box. Label MORN, NOON, EVE, BED. Seven (7) Pillboxes = 1 Week are included.

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    e-pill CADEX WEEKLY Compliance and Medication Adherence Kit. e-pill CADEX SILVER 12 Alarm Medication Reminder, Weekly Organizer, 7 High Capacity Pill Boxes, Refrigerator Magnet and Reminder Decals (2), Patient Medication Chart and Purse Emergency Pill Box / SKU:952443
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