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e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating Pocket Pill Box<br><B>White</B>

e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating Pocket Pill Box

e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating Pocket Pill Box
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Alarm Can be Set to Vibrate or Sound or Both.

This Pocket Pill Box is compact and discreet with a strong Vibrating Alarm, along with the option for a loud Beeping alarm. It will alarm up to 4 times each day, and the alarms automatically reset every day. The pill box on the back holds all your medications. Popular with Parkinson's patients. Never forget to take your medications again!

Key Features:
  • Up to 4 Daily Alarms that Automatically Repeat once you set them
  • Vibration Alarm, Beeping Alarm, or Both
  • Easy to Set: Set-Up VIDEO
  • Fits easily in your Purse or Pocket
  • Medical Snooze - Alarms repeat after 4 and 8 minutes
  • Easy to Read Display with Backlight (easy to read at night)
  • Featured on Dr. Oz Show and Doctors TV

  • FIVE Stars / FAB-U-LOUS. Just LOVE THIS - It's worth every penny! My 88 year-old mom "needed help" remembering when to take her meds, and this simplifies it SO MUCH! It was pretty much self-explanatory right out of the box, and super-easy to set. We use it with 4 alarms a day. We don't store her pills in it, so I don't know how that feature works. The alarm is loud enough to wake her up when she's napping, and vibrates quite strongly, to alert those who can't hear at all. If this broke, I'd instantly order another! L.C.

    Size: 2 3/4 inch x 2 1/2 inch x 7/8 inch. Weight: 3 Oz (with Batteries).

    Color: White Color (also available in Purple color and Black)

    Battery: Three (3) Button Cells LR44 or equivalent and One (1) AAA battery (all included)

    Battery Life: 1 Year

    Capacity: 8 Aspirin sized tablets per compartment. 4 medication compartments located on the back of this e-pill Medication Reminder.

    Warranty: One (1) Year by e-pill Medication Reminders

    SKU 960622 | UPC 837066000206 | White e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating POCKET Pill Box

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