Medication Non-Adherence Stakeholders / How can an e-pill Medication Reminder help?

Medication Non-Adherence Stakeholders

Non-adherence to medications affects every aspect of our healthcare system. While different stakeholders have different needs, our e-pill® Medication Reminders are designed to address the problem in a variety of ways to provide a customized solution.

  • Hospitals, ACOs, and Transition Care | $5,400 annual cost savings? Learn more

    As the American Care Act and new Medicare rules take effect, hospitals are under increasing financial pressure to provide quality care for less. One effect of these new regulations is that care provided less than 30 days after a patient is discharged will no longer be reimbursable by Medicare. Medication non-adherence is a leading cause of readmission, so hospitals now have an extra incentive to help their patients follow their new regimens closely. An e-pill Medication Reminder can support their goal to reduce the incidence of readmissions by helping the patients remember their dosing schedule and by notifying a case manager if a dose has been missed. This allows for efficient allocation of that health worker's time to tending to the patients who need their help the most.

  • Health Plan Providers

    Healthy patients mean reduced expenditures for health plan providers in the long run. When medication regimens are properly adhered to, the incidence of avoidable secondary procedures is greatly reduced. As healthcare costs rise, improving medication non-adherence is a significant way of reducing overall expenditures and improving the bottom line. As more plans explore the benefits of systems like managed care, proactive dollars spent on health now lead to greater savings down the road.

  • Retail Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, Research Pharmacy and PBMs (Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager)

    Retail pharmacies lose billions of dollars in revenue due to unfilled prescriptions every year. A typical patient who misses an average of four doses per month effectively "forgets" one month of medications per year. By reminding patients of doses due and time to refill, an ePill will help recoup these lost dollars.

    An e-pill dispenser supports specialty pharmacies by aiding distribution efforts and ensuring that these critical medications are properly dispensed. Care staff can be notified sooner rather than later if a patient decides to take a drug holiday.

    Research pharmacies take advantage of the data collection ability of the e-pill MedSmart (e-pill MD2 PLUS) to gather accurate real-world data for use in studies and trials.

  • Rehabilitation Centers / Drug Rehab

    Addiction recovery treatment has a unique need for limitation of medication, rather than promotion as in the case of other medications. The e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE can meet this need with its robust design that is tamper-resistant and evident, as well as with its secure locking mechanism that will not allow a dose to be dispensed any earlier than it is due.

  • ALF (Assisted Living Facility), Nursing Home

    ALFs and the like particularly need to allocate limited staff resources efficiently, while keeping their residents healthy. In this scenario, an e-pill STATION is uniquely equipped to provide medications to patients in between caregiver visits with patients.

  • Clinical Trials and Academic Research

    The e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS and e-pill CADEX are valuable tools for research and trials, such as Phase II-IV clinical trials for a pharmaceutical company's latest drug. The data gathered is objective and accurate, and provides insight into real-life medication-taking behaviors. Call to learn about the latest 'block buster drug' to be approved with the help of an e-pill Medication Reminder.

  • Non-Profits and Public Health

    Many non-profits have developed models for distributing medication to those in need, but what happens once it gets there? Are the right patients actually receiving their medication, are they taking it properly, or is it being sold on the black market? An e-pill’s data-recording / remote data recording and dose restriction features work together to answer both of these questions.

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