$5,400 annual cost savings per e-pill automated dispenser (MD1 automatic pill dispenser)

Clinical study shows $5,400 annual cost savings per e-pill automated dispenser

Published clinical study (n=250 patients in clinical study) shows that for each e-pill automated pill dispenser (automatic e-pill dispenser MD1) the healthcare system saves $5,400 per year ($2,700 over a 6 month period). Learn more

The first trial of its kind rolled out automated pill dispensers to over 250 people. The multi-agency pilot includes 53 people who had been in hospital after failing to properly take their medicine in the six months before the scheme. After the pilot, Not a single patient was readmitted since starting to use the pill dispenser. In the case of those 53 people alone, 371 bed days (1) were freed up and the saving per patient in terms of social care and NHS costs was £1,700 over six months. Study the automated pill dispenser project published by NHS in March 2012
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