Free MedSmart Dosage Rings to Print

Free MedSmart Dosage Rings to Print
Dosage Templates / Dosage Guide Rings for your e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser (993019 / 994019). Click below to download a PDf file containing one of each guide ring / template (once-a-day dosing, twice-a-day dosing, three times per day dosing and four per day dosing) or blank dosage rings for 5x and 6x per day (templates).

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Print the PDF file and cut out the rings with scissors. These dosage guides / rings fit all MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispensers. | Order SPARE Original Ring.

FREE Dosage Guide Ring Download e-pill MedSmart Dosage Templates to PRINT: (PDF)

  • e-pill MedSmart Once-A-Day DOSAGE Guide Disk
  • e-pill MedSmart Twice-A-Day (2x) DOSAGE Guide Start Morning / Start Evening
  • e-pill MedSmart Three/Day (3x) DOSAGE Guide Start Morning / Start Noon / Start Evening
  • e-pill MedSmart (4x) DOSAGE Guide Start Morning / Start Noon / Start Evening / Start Night
  • e-pill MedSmart Five/Day (5x) Blank 5 doses/day Guide
  • e-pill MedSmart Six/Day (6x) Blank 6 doses/ day Guide (maximum number of dosing events per day)

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    The Medication tray (rotating pill box / carousel / pill organizer / medication cassette) has 29 compartments (true 28 dosing capacity), each can hold several pills (each compartment has a capacity equal to 20 Aspirins). For added capacity you may set 2 alarms for the same time and double the capacity.

    MedSmart Medication Tray Capacity: 29 Medication Events.
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