Emergency ID ALERT Bracelet

... looks like a normal Watch until you press ALERT
Emergency ID ALERT Bracelet
FREE Customization with Your Medical Condition
The modern / discreet alternative to an engraved Emergency ID

Select your customized Discreet ALERT Bracelet (looks like a normal watch). It arrives with your medical condition pre-set. Remember you can add/update your medical information right on the ALERT yourself (no computer needed).

  • Alzheimer's Emergency ID / Alzheimer's Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Angina Emergency ID / Angina Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Asthma Emergency ID / Asthma Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Coumadin Emergency ID / Coumadin Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Dementia Emergency ID / Dementia Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Diabetes Emergency ID / Diabetes Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Diabetic Emergency ID / Diabetic Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Epilepsy Emergency ID / Epilepsy Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Generic Emergency ID / [your condition] Bracelet / Medical ALERT(program it yourself)
  • Hemophillia Emergency ID / Hemophillia Bracelet / Medical ALERT
  • Parkinson's / Parkinsons Emergency ID / Parkinson's Bracelet / Medical ALERT

  • How does this device work? LEARN more about the CADEX ALERT Watch manufactured by e-pill (US patent 6,560,165).

    Select your discreet medical ALERT bracelet today (angina, diabetes, dementia, asthma, epilepsy etc.). 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee and FREE Standard SHPPING. Over 50,000 Sold. Recommended by Dr Oz / Gadget Top 10 for Baby Boomers.

    ALERT Bracelet / Medical ALERT Bracelet
    Looks like a normal Watch until your press ALERT

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