Gadgets Top 10 for Seniors Looking for a Tech-Boost

Gadgets Top 10 for Seniors Looking for a Tech-Boost
There are some gadgets out there that baby boomers / grandparents / seniors will appreciate and love.

  • 1. PlayAway Audio Book
  • 2. ePill Cadex Watch
  • 3. Digital Picture Frame
  • 4. Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker
  • 5. Jitterbug Phone
  • 6. Grill Alert Cooking Timer
  • 7. Presto Computerless Email Service
  • 8. Telikin PC
  • 9. Kindle Touch
  • 10. Smartphone

  • Protect Your Bubble (an insurance company) compiles a list of some great grandparent-friendly technology that is sure to be a hit.

    1. PlayAway Audio Book – Similar to an iPod or MP3 player, these micro books come on a lanyard and have ear buds. Popular book titles exist and each book is very affordable. Plug and play is simple to use and uses a single battery.

    2. e-Pill Cadex Watch – This watch reminds seniors with up to 12 different alarms as to when to take certain medications. A medical alert function similar to the ID bracelet is also standard on the watch.

    3. Digital Picture Frame – All grandparents love pictures but the more grandchildren there are, the more pictures they will have. Solve a great deal of that with a digital picture frame that is pre-loaded with lots of family pictures and grandchildren pictures. Chronologically arranged photos of grandchildren and children make for a great gift.

    4. Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker – Frequently grandparents may live alone or independently, or only one will drink coffee. This Keurig coffee pot brews single cups of coffee using specially designed pods. Quick, economical and easy to use saves making a whole pot of coffee and wasting half of it.

    5. Jitterbug Phone – The commercial jingles are great, but the phone is actually good. Large numbers on the screen, easy on/off buttons and a strong, loud clear speaker mean those with hearing impairment can hear clearly. A 24/7 nurse call, medication reminder and emergency response are also available, making this phone ideal for seniors.

    6. Grill Alert Cooking Timer – Grandparents love to cook, but distractions happen. This handy timer reminds them of that pot roast, turkey or ham in the oven. Program it to alarm when the food reaches the appropriate temperature and it is okay to forget for a while.

    7. Presto Computerless Email Service – Away on vacation but want to email pictures to Grandma and Grandpa? Do so with this email system. Grandparents get updates and pictures directly to them without need of a computer or smart phone. Perfect for a surprise gift any time for any reason.

    8. Telikin PC – Some grandparents enjoy keeping up with their technologically advanced grandchildren, and this computer makes it easy. Video chat, photo-share, email and Internet with a touchscreen mean ease of use for those with arthritis. Pre-installed software, on screen icons make this a plug in and use system. A full keyboard and mouse are available for those who choose to use both.

    9. Kindle Touch – Grandparents who love to read will appreciate this easy to use e-reader. The Touch has Wi-Fi capability and large font for those need it. An easy to use and read touch screen is senior friendly and there is no glare, even in sunlight.

    10. Smartphone– While a smart phone may not seem practical at first, a few basic apps that require some manual dexterity and a bit of intuition can help keep seniors active, independent and sharp. Consider a phone with a large display and easy to use applications along with important phone numbers easy to access.

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