Dr. Oz featured e-pill Medication Reminders

Dr. Oz featured e-pill Medication Reminders
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Dr. Oz calls the CADEX a "wonderful example" of a medication reminder and goes on to say "a watch is out there (e-pill CADEX alarm watch) to remind you that you have to take your pills".

Dr. Oz on Good Morning America shows:
  • e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch Wrist watch with up to 12 daily alarms and digital SOS medical alert.

  • Dr. Oz on his own show (Dr Oz TV show) features:
  • e-pill VIBRATING 4 Alarm Pocket Pill Box (Pill Dispenser with Alarm) and e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS Pill Box (Pill Dispenser with Alarm).

  • CADEX is one Medication Reminder Dr. Oz discussed on Good Morning America (GMA). More TV: Two (2) e-pill Pillboxes with Alarms on Dr Oz Show.

    To learn about the benefits of Electronic Medication Reminders click below (scroll down). Let us help you to Never Forget To Take Your Medications Again!

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