MedTime Station/ MedTime Safe

MedTime Station/ MedTime Safe
Daylight Savings - Spring Forward - Adjust your Automatic Medication (Pill) Dispenser:
  • e-pill MedTime STATION (SKU 996024)
  • e-pill MedTime SAFE (998024) and (SKU 998034)

  • When Daylight Savings starts, set your e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser clock AHEAD One Hour.
  • Open the lid to show the display.
  • Press button 1 for 5 seconds to enter setting mode. The symbol : will start flashing.
  • Press button 2 once.
  • Press button 1 to exit the setting mode.
  • Done!

    Instruction Manuals:
    e-pill STATION Automatic Pill Dispenser
    e-pill MedTime SAFE Automatic Pill Dispenser
    e-pill MedTime Automatic Pill Dispenser: Instruction Manual
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