VA MC Automated Pill Dispensers Introduction

Automated Pill Dispensers
Introduction for VA MC Prosthetics

Study shows savings of $5,400 per year for each automated pill dispenser

Dear VA Prosthetics Telehealthcare Professional,

Please find enclosed the summary of a telemedicine / telehealthcare study and its subsequent savings by keeping patients out of the hospital and requiring fewer home visits. The study shows how each Automated Pill Dispenser (telemedicine) saves $5,400 per year in a large (n = 380 patients) clinical study conducted by the NHS. Learn about this automatic pill dispenser and our other three dispensers in the brochure attached or visit us at

E-pill is the leader in Automated Pill Dispensers. We sell four different locked e-pill automatic pill dispensers for home use. The e-pill MD1 (SKU 991019 see attached brochure) was used in this study and a full report can be provided at or contact us for a free copy (see below).

Never pay a monthly fee
with an e-pill Medication Reminder

The e-pill MD2 (SKU 993019 e-pill MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser) is most popular with the VA Prosthetics around the country, similar in design to the e-pill MD1 but AC powered and with a Patient Compliance Dashboard for added peace of mind. E-pill MD2 PLUS (SKU 994019 Monitored e-pill MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser) is monitored and will send SMS, e-mails or make phone calls to remote caregivers if the veteran is late taking his/her medications. Set-up of all e-pill devices is easy and they have NO MONTHLY fees!

To learn more about saving your VA money, providing better care and making your caregivers happier, please call now at 1-800-549-0095 or visit us on-line.

Best of Health,
Stefan Solvell, President & Manager e-pill, LLC

P.S. Do you want a copy of the full NHS report? Simply fax the back of this letter to us at 781-235-3252 and we will rush a free copy of the full report to you.

Please fax to e-pill, LLC (e-pill Medication Reminders) / Phone 1-800-549-0095 (781-239-2941):

Our fax number: 1-781-235-3252


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The Automated Pill Dispenser Project / End Project Evaluation Report.

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