How to make the e-pill MedTime STATION
L-O-U-D-E-R for Hard of Hearing Patients

How to make the e-pill MedTime STATION<br>L-O-U-D-E-R for Hard of Hearing Patients

Can I Increase the Alarm Volume on the e-pill MedTime STATION? (White Lid or Clear Lid)

For hard of hearing patients, we suggest that you add an e-pill Talking Alarm Clock ($64.95 / SKU 960543) “to make the Alarm Louder” on your e-pill MedTime STATION Automatic Pill Dispenser (patent pending).

e-pill MedTime STATION / "Louder Alarm"

  • Purchase the e-pill MedCenter Voice 6 Alarm Clock (
  • Record a message for each alarm time (if possible using the voice of “offspring” Son / Daughter).
  • Example “Good Morning Mom. Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Time for your morning meds. Please take your morning medications now from the epill automatic dispenser by moving the Blue Handle forward.”
  • Turn Off the alarm sound (alarm sound = NO ALARM TONE) on the e-pill MedTime STATION.

    This e-pill® Medication Reminder (960543 e-pill MedCenter Voice 6 Alarm Clock) has two (2) types of reminder Voice or Beeping. It is recommended that you use the included AC adapter to power it.

    Easy to Hear Alarm (and Personal) for the Patient using this Combination:

    When the person hears the “Son’s / Daughter’s Talking Voice” they;
  • Walk over to the e-pill MedTime STATION when you hear the VOICE Alarm.
  • Move the “Blue Handle Forward” to access all medicines for this event.
  • Get a glass of water and swallow your meds.
  • Press the “Big RED Button” on the e-pill Talking Alarm Clock to make it stop talking (ALARM Acknowledged).

  • You may also consider buying the e-pill MD2 Automatic Pill Dispenser device (SKU 993019) which is much LOUDER and has longer alarm duration (“never stops”).
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