How the Med-O-Wheel Secure Works

How the Med-O-Wheel Secure Works
e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser (SKU 870812 / UPC 837066002736 / e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE) is Tamper Resistant (but NOT Tamper Proof).

This device is routinely used to administer pain medications and anti-psychotic medications for patients in drug rehabilitation therapy or unobserved opioid substitution treatment programs.

PLEASE NOTE this e-pill locked pill box requires Three (3) Co-Operating Parties to Work well.

e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE Three (3) Parties to Work:

The Patient, the Filler and the Observer

  • the Patient (taking medications from the Locked tamper-Resistant e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser).
  • the Filler (a Pharmacist, RN or a loved one = keeper of the keys and prescriptions).
  • the Observer (will audit the medication schedule by examining the built-in tamper alarm and verifying the tablet count on a random basis or regular basis).

  • Verification of (observing) the patient's medication schedule can be done without unlocking the device. Simply view the bottom of the dispenser (verify remaining pill count) and make sure the built-in tamper alarm light is NOT on.

    Clinically Tested: e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE gives the right medication at the right time and, because of its locking feature, is suitable for demanding professional use by rehabilitation (halfway homes / group home settings) and mental health care professionals.

    It is a portable tamper resistant automatic pill dispenser and may be used outside the home. The e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE Tamper Resistance Portable Pill Dispenser (SKU 870812 / UPC 837066002736 ) holds 28 doses and can be programmed to administer oral solid medications from 1 to 4 times per day (one to four daily doses). Each pill compartment (28) can hold up to 6 aspirin sized pills (standard 325 mg Bayer aspirin tablets) per medication event (dose).

    Precise Medication Window (180 minutes):

    For example, a patient in opioid replacement treatment has been prescribed Suboxone® (buprenorphine naloxone tablets) to be taken each morning at 9 AM. The e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE is set to give the medication at 9 AM.

    The medication can be taken from the e-pill dispenser between 8 AM and 11 AM. Once the medication has been taken, the Med-O-Wheel SECURE locks shut until the next morning (or time for the next dose, up to 4 times per day). The empty slot from which the medication was taken is no longer visible to the patient.

    Operating Principle: It is possible to set Med-O-Wheel SECURE to provide 1–4 dosage opportunities daily. When the user presses the transparent part of the device cover, Med-O-Wheel SECURE moves the correct dose for release and then locks shut (after 5 minutes of opening) until the next specified dosage time.

    Medication doses used in drug therapy and/or mental health care can be loaded into the e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE when the administration of the medication must be regular and secure. The patient receives the medication only at a specific time(s) of the day. Otherwise the device is locked shut and the medication is safe inside the unit.

    Size: 4.73 x 5.20 x 2.36 inches

    Weight: 12oz | Color: White | ORDER e-pill Med-O-Wheel SECURE

    SKU 870812 / UPC 837066002736 / e-pill PD2 SECURE
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