Press Release: Control Pain Pill Addiction Prevent Overdoses e-pill MedTime SAFE Automatic Pill Dispenser

Press Release: Control Pain Pill Addiction Prevent Overdoses e-pill MedTime SAFE Automatic Pill Dispenser

Control Pain Pill Addiction and Prevent Overdoses with First Triple Lock e-pill Medication Reminder
(No Monthly Fees)

e-pill MedTime SAFE Automatic Pill Dispenser (SKU 998024 / UPC 837066002453) - No Monthly Fees.

Help Doctors, Patients and their Families, Manage Pain and Psych Medications. New Affordable Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser for Home or Institutional Use released by e-pill Medication Reminders.

Boston, MA (PRWEB)

15,000 people die each year from overdosing on prescription painkillers. Addiction to narcotic medication is an epidemic plaguing many patients and their families across the country. Prescription drug abuse is common, 1 in 20 people (12 and older) admitted to using prescription painkillers recreationally according to the CDC.

Boston based e-pill Medication Reminders ( / legal name e-pill, LLC) today released the first affordable Triple Lock Tamper Proof Automatic Pill Dispenser to help doctors and patients and their families better manage pain and psych medications. This new locked Medbox, e-pill MedTime SAFE (SKU 998024), helps patients who face the challenges of prescription drug addiction, or have a problem of taking more pills than are prescribed. This new locked e-pill dispenser only gives the patient access to their pain medications when they are due; right meds, right time, right dosage.

This device is innovative because it allows the patient to continue to have an active lifestyle while taking their medications as prescribed. Patients will be able to continue their normal lives during treatment. They will be able to return to work by having the ability to leave their e-pill MedTime SAFE in their car, gym bag, locker or other appropriate location.

Triple locks provides three measures of security. The pill dispenser itself has a lock which is locked in a secure case by a padlock. The third lock allows the patient to secure the metal med box to a certain location. The e-pill SAFE is specially designed to prevent the patient as well as others in the household from accessing medication that is not scheduled to be dispensed at that time.

"Our e-pill MedTime SAFE is the first triple locked portable pill dispenser and will prevent the user and those around them from taking too much medication", says Stefan Solvell, President of e-pill Medication Reminders. "The e-pill MedTime SAFE is a practical solution to help curb the prescription drug abuse epidemic. It will provide the patient and their family with peace of mind by knowing only the right meds are taken".


Autonomy and productivity is possible when patients use this triple lock tamper proof pill dispenser. The e-pill MedTime SAFE will prevent the patient as well as others from trying to tamper with their medication such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and other opiate type of medications. At home the patient can lock the device to a certain location to ensure the device and the medication inside is not stolen. This device may also be used in drug rehabilitation to store buprenorphine / naloxone and methadone.

The e-pill SAFE, Portable Tamper Proof Triple Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser (patent pending), is available for purchase exclusively from e-pill Medication Reminders. It is on sale for $589.95 (SKU 998024 / suggested retail price $750) and can be purchased directly from e-pill ( or The e-pill MedTime SAFE is a complete medication management system that includes 1 locked automatic pill dispenser that dispenses up to 4 times per day, 1 medication tray with 28 compartments, two keys for the automatic pill dispenser, 1 secure metal pill box case, 1 pad lock with two keys, 1 cable lock with two keys and 4 AAA batteries. Battery life is 6 months. You dispense medications up four (4) times per day. Fill your e-pill SAFE monthly @ 1 once a day dosing or every week @ 4 per day dosing.

ABOUT e-pill Medication Reminders (

Our company is the leading distributor of medication reminders in the USA and Canada. e-pill Medication Reminders has been manufacturing and distributing medication adherence and patient compliance devices such as automatic pill dispensers for 15 years (since 1999). Our medication reminders are routinely used in clinical trials conducted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and by academic research institutions to help improve medication adherence in clinical studies. We sell our devices patient direct ( / 1-800-549-0095) and via 300 distributors around the world. On patient direct orders, e-pill provides a 30-day money back guarantee, free shipping and handling and 1 year warranty on all of our medical devices. e-pill is a registered trademark.

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For more information call Stefan Solvell at 1-781-239-2941. He can also be contacted via e-mail at solvell(at)epill(dot)com.
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