6 Alarm Magnet Medication Reminder

6 Alarm Magnet Medication Reminder

6 Alarm Magnet Medication Reminder
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Easy-to-Set Kitchen Pill Timer can Remind you to Take your Medications up to 6 times per day.

The e-pill Multi-Alarm HOME Medication Reminder fits on your refrigerator door on any magnetic surface. This Easy-to-Set Kitchen Pill Timer can remind you to take your medications up to 6 times per day by a loud beeping alarm that repeats automatically every day. The alarm can be set for once every hour (on the hour). | This e-pill Multi-Alarm Timer with Pillboxes | Pill Timer alone.

Key Features:
  • Loud Beeping Alarm
  • Refrigerator Magnet- Simply stick on the refrigerator door in your kitchen (or any magnetic surface)
  • Easy to Set Kitchen Pill Timer with Slide Switches
  • Set up to Six (6) Daily Alarms from 1 AM (Early Morning) to Midnight (12 PM)
  • No Alarm Reset required - Alarms auto repeat every day
  • Easy to Read Display

  • Great for every family member's medications including any pet medications. Popular e-pill for children or any family member who needs to take medications or be reminded multiple times per day (start homework, walk a pet, go to soccer practice etc). Once the alarms have been set they will repeat every day, no reset required.

    How it Works:
  • When the Alarm Goes off Take your Medications / Complete the Task.
  • Press STOP to silence alarm. The alarm will sound for 15 Seconds. It will Sound Again after 5 minutes if the STOP button has not been pressed.

  • Alarms: up to Six (6) Daily Alarms (auto repeating). You may set up to six daily alarms.

    Size: 3 1/2 inch x 2 inch x 1 inch

    Weight: 2 oz.

    Color: White

    Batteries: 2 AAA (included)

    Battery life: 12 Months (depending on the number of alarms set)

    Shipping: Free Standard Shipping for US customers (Non-US Customers pay $15.00 for S&H)

    e-pill Multi-Alarm HOME. Easy-to-Set Medication Reminder with up to 6 daily alarms with Refrigerator Magnet. Complete with batteries (2 x AAA). No pillbox / SKU 841649 / UPC 837066000718

    Instruction Manual for e-pill Multi-Alarm POCKET Medication Reminder.
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