TimeCap Green Cannabis</br>Dosage Tracker

TimeCap Green Cannabis
Dosage Tracker

TimeCap Green Cannabis
Dosage Tracker
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Know Exactly When you Last Took your Cannabis Medications. Comes complete with an airtight glass bottle to protect against oxidation and keep your cannabis fresh. Store in a cool dark area. The unique "Last Taken" display always indicates the last Day and Time you have taken your cannabis. Multiple alarms can be set on the hour (up to 24 daily) to dose your cannabis administration.

Key Features
ALARMS: Up to 24 on-the-hour alarms. The alarm times you choose to set automatically repeat every day.

DOSAGE TRACKER: Know exactly when you took your last dose. If the display is flashing, the bottle was never opened during the set alarm time.

AIRTIGHT GLASS BOTTLE: Airtight seal to protect against oxidation and keep freshness. Store in a cool dark area.

MEDICINAL MEDICATION JOURNAL: Great way to track medicinal medication usage and to help you track, record, and take notes of your symptoms

LAST OPENED: Displays the time and day of the week the medication bottle was last opened. The battery lasts roughly one year and is replaceable. The battery is an LR44 and can be found at any pharmacy or grocery store.
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TimeCap Timer: Thread 33/400 | Size (mm) 33 | Finish 400
Glass bottle: 5 inch high x 1.75 inch wide
Weight: 4 fl ounces
Color: Clear Glass Bottle
Battery: LR44 (included)
Battery Life: 12-18 months
SKU: 941550
UPC: 837066001043
Shipping: Free Standard Shipping (US customers only, Non-US customers pay $15.00 S&H)
Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC | One (1) Year Warranty | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Instruction Manual
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