Medication Storage / Lock Up Your Medicines / Under Cabinet / Under Shelf

Medication Storage / Lock Up Your Medicines

Where do you keep your medicines - Rx Medications, OTC Meds, Vitamins or Supplements?

  • Locked Storage (automatic pill dispenser)
  • Pill Boxes (home use or institutional use)
  • Pill Dispensers (tabletop, under cabinet / under shelf)
  • Tamper Proof Storage (tamper-resistant automatic pill dispenser)

  • Are they in different places—with some in the medicine cabinet, some in the kitchen, and some in the bedroom or elsewhere? As a parent, grandparent, or family member, it’s important that you organize and keep track of all your medicines.

    After all, you will want to know where a particular medicine is when you or someone else needs to find it.

    And you will want to keep your medicines secure so that a child, or a teenager, or even a stranger, does not get into them. That way, you can help prevent an accidental injury, as well as do your part to stop the possible abuse of prescription medicines.

    Medication Storage: The first step in getting organized is to take a look at all the medicines you have and then select an e-pill Medication Reminder device from below. | List of All e-pill Medication Reminders | Pill Boxes
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