Accutab Weekly Pill Dispenser<br>7 Day x 3 Compartments per Day

Accutab Weekly Pill Dispenser
7 Day x 3 Compartments per Day

Accutab Weekly Pill Dispenser
7 Day x 3 Compartments per Day
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Reduces the Confusion of Complex Medication Regimens

The e-pill Accutab pill dispenser makes it easy to dispense one patient's medications, vitamins or supplements up to three (3) times per day for one week.

Easy to Use even for Patients with Severe Arthritis: The concept for the e-pill Accutab dispenser was developed by an arthritis patient. Accutab has an added bonus for patients with arthritis whose condition makes it painful to open medicine bottles every day. The Accutab does not require AC power or batteries. Mounting bracket and screws are included.

The e-pill Accutab automatic pill dispenser takes the work out of organizing and identifying all your medications. This pill organizer and dispenser installs under or inside your kitchen cabinet or medicine cabinet.

Key Features:
  • e-pill Accutab Pill Dispenser simplifies taking multiple medications
  • Installs under or inside kitchen cabinet or medicine cabinet
  • Medications drop down into patient's hand
  • Dispense up to three (3) times per day (3 doses per Day)
  • Easy to dispense, even for old hands - Simply slide lever to auto rotate dispensing tray
  • Unique "Last Taken" Indicator shows patient or caregiver when medicines were last taken
  • Large Pill Capacity
  • No Monthly Fees
How-It-Works: The weekly pillbox is loaded once a week by caregiver or patient. When it is time to take medications, just move the lever on the front of Accutab pill dispenser from left to right to dispense the pills. Hold your hand out or a cup to catch the pills that fall. Refill once-a-week on Sunday night or use Two (2 Accutab (one pre-filled) and do a change-over on Sunday.

This device is MUCH BETTER than pill boxes or trays. The patient does not have to open any little lids. The slots are large. The lever is easy to push. It is fun for the patient to hold a little cup under the device and push the lever. The caregiver/family member can easily see if the patient has taken the dose out of the device on time. IT IS GREAT!!!- A. R.

More Testimonials e-pill Accutab.

Accutab is NOT child proof.

Shipping: Free Standard Shipping (US customers only, Non-US customers pay $15.00 S&H)

Capacity: Holds 25 Aspirin sized tablets per Dose.

Size: 6 3/4 inch x 6/3/4 inch x 2 inch

Mounting Information:Mounting bracket 8 inch x 6 1/2 inch (needs 8 inch total depth for mounting) x 3 1/4 inch. Mounting bracket, Mounting Tape, and Screws (4) are included.

Manufacturer: e-pill, LLC (formerly Sundown Plastics)| One (1) Year Warranty by Manufacturer. | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee |

e-pill Accutab Weekly Pill Dispenser. 7 day x up to 3 doses per day. Non-electronic medication dispenser with mounting bracket and screws (4) for under / inside kitchen cabinet easy installation / SKU 820534 / UPC 817475001001

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