Medication Mistakes: An e-pill Medication Reminder can help

Medication Errors are common and costly. As we increase the number of prescriptions and medication times the patient may find herself or himself in a situation that is overwhelming.

"I am very happy with the pill dispenser. We bought one for my mother-in-law over a year ago and it has saved her thousands of dollars. She's in a nursing home with early dementia. It makes it extremely easy for her to take her meds and not rely on the nursing staff to give her pills.
This new one is for my father who is also showing signs of dementia.
" B.L. OH
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Reduce the risk of medication errors. Try to reduce the risk of medication mistakes by using technology and education:

Levels of Intervention: | Learn more: Clinical Studies | Adherence Tools

  • High: Medication Dispenser (Automatic Pill Dispenser). Example MedSmart PLUS
  • Medium (Active Senior) Alarm Wristwatch. Example CADEX Alarm Watch
  • Medium: (Mostly Stay at Home Senior) Pill Box with Alarm. Example: 7 DAY Pill Organizer and Medication Reminder.
  • Entry: Simple Pillbox without alarm. Example: MEDICHEST Pill Box

    Medication Errors and Patient Compliance

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