Interval Timers with Alarms

Interval Timers with Alarms
Most of our e-pill Medication Reminders feature multiple alarms.

Setting the alarm involves picking an alarm time or multiple alarm times. Once your e-pill Medication Reminder is set, it repeats the alarm at this same time every day. No reset is required. Example: e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS or e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch.

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Some patients do not maintain an identical daily agenda (they do NOT take their medications at the same time every day) and find it more practical to use an interval timer a.k.a. countdown timer.

Interval Timer / Count Down Timer

With an e-pill interval timer you set the desired 'interval time' between medications. A patient would set the number of hours and minutes from the current time for when they will need to take their medications for that day. The e-pill device will then start a contdown to when it is time to take their medications. Due to some patients not being on an identical daily agenda, an e-pill interval timer will need to be set each morning for that day's medication schedule.

Examples of Interval Timers:
  • e-pill 5 Alarm Voice Interval Timer
  • e-pill Vibrating Count Down Interval Timer
  • e-pill Pager
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