5 Alarm Voice Interval Timer

5 Alarm Voice Interval Timer

5 Alarm Voice Interval Timer
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Record your Own Personalized Voice Reminders.

This e-pill 5 Alarm Voice Interval Timer is designed for patients that start their daily medication routine at DIFFERENT TIMES each day and take their medications on a FIXED INTERVAL. You can record your own Alarm Message for each Timer or use default Beep Alarm. Five interval (count-down) alarm timers in one compact unit.

Please Note: This e-pill Medication Reminder MUST BE RE-SET EVERY DAY

Key Features:
  • 5 Separate Alarm Interval Timers in one Device
  • Intervals of up to 12 Hours
  • Voice or Beeping Alarm
  • Record your Own Voice for the Talking Alarm
  • Loud Alarm, Works Well in Kitchens
  • Unique 'Missed Medication' timer (see below)
  • Optional Magnet included (use on refrigerator or any magnetic surface)


    1) Select Timer (Interval timer 1 thru 5)

    2) Record your message (up to 10 seconds)

    3) Set the Interval (in Hours, Minutes or Seconds)

    4) Press "START/STOP" and you're done!

    Pill timers run in parallel. Large Easy-to-Read Display shows the remaining time. You can play any of the alarm reminder messages at any time by pressing the corresponding button.

    When a timer is finished the pre-recorded reminder message is played for 30 seconds (after an initial loud 5 attention beeps). If no voice alarm / message is recorded, the beep alarm will sound for 35 seconds. Press STOP to acknowledge the alarm, then press RESET/CLEAR.

    Multitasking has become a way of life...

    The e-pill 5 Alarm Voice Timer also works well as an �everyday� timer for today's busy world. Whether your timer is set to take dinner out of the oven or turn off a sprinkler your 5 alarm e-pill Voice Timer can be a handy device to remind you when a task is complete.

    "Every family should have one.
    Great in the kitchen and as an alarm clock."
    T.K. SC

    Recording Time: Maximum length is 10 Seconds for each voice alarm. 5 voice alarms (one recording for each interval timer T1, T2, T3, T4, T5).

    Alarm Duration: 35 seconds | Attention tone 5 beeps (seconds) followed by the recorded alarm message (repeats for 30 seconds). | Missed medication timer (count-up timer)

    Unique 'Missed Medication' count-up timer. Timer starts to count up after alarm sounds, if the start/stop button has not been pressed. This feature allows you to adjust your medication dose if you have missed the alarm by a long time.

    Size: 3 7/8" x 5" x 1 1/8" | Weight: 6 Oz (with Batteries)

    Battery: 3 x AAA Batteries (included) Replaceable | Optional Refrigerator Magnet included

    Color: White | Display digits: 7/16" | Easy to read display

    Warranty: 1 Year Warranty. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    FreshAlarm 5 Alarm Voice Interval Timer. Five (5) Interval Timers each with Recordable Loud Voice Alarm. Easy to set timers. Interval up to 12 hours. Medical Snooze with reminder beep every 1 minute. Optional refrigerator magnet. Including Batteries 3 x AAA and Instruction Manual / SKU:435713

    Instruction Manual
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