Features that makes an e-pill Medication Reminder Better

Features that makes an e-pill Medication Reminder Better
Our e-pill Medication Reminders have a long and proven track record. Since 1999 we have perfected our devices and in the process we have created many usefull features for the patient and caregiver.

Unique Features

  • Medical Snooze is a feature that will nag the patients until they take their medications.
  • EARLY DOSE. Early Dose is the ability to take out one (one and only one dose) dose before the scheduled time. Example: patient is leaving for a Doctor's appointment and will not be home when the regular dispensing event is scheduled.
  • Last Opened is a visual indicator that is automatically set on your e-pill Medicaiton Reminder to show the patient when medicines were last taken.
  • With an e-pill TRUE Alarm Timer you set individual daily alarms (think of it as having several alarm clocks). Once they are set, they auto repeat every day at the same time (no re-set required). Most patients prefer a TRUE Alarm Timer over an Interval Timer.

    They represent a practical way (intervention) to help your patient or family member improve patient compliance / medication adherence. They are often used by the Biotech / Pharmaceutical industry to help improve the results of clinical studies.
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