Fall Back - Standard Time
Daylight Savings Instructions - Fall Back

<center>Fall Back - Standard Time <br>Daylight Savings Instructions - Fall Back</br></center>

You will only need to Change the Time NOT the Alarms !

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For instructions on how to change the clock for standard time select your e-pill Medication Reminder device from the list below:

Alarm Watches

  • MeDose / Medos
  • Pill Timers

  • Multi Alarm POCKET (up to 6 Daily Alarms) :
  • Multi Alarm (up to 37 Daily Alarms) :
  • Pager:
  • e-pill | Vibrating Pocket Pillbox:
  • MEDGlider:
  • TimeCap:
  • Parkinson's:
  • VitaCarry:

    Automatic Pill Dispensers

  • MedTime:
  • MedSmart:(Stand Alone)
  • MD3 CompuMed:

    Alarm Clocks

  • ShakeAwake
  • MedCenter Alarm Clock:

    The following e-pill devices will automatically change the clock:
  • e-pill MedTime PLUS / Carousel ADVANCE Automatic Pill Dispenser has Automatic time change if DLS (Daylight-Saving) set to 'US' for American Daylight Saving (or 'EU' for European Daylight Saving)
  • MD2 PLUS Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser / Model 660
  • The 12 Alarm Pager will automatically change if it has been Pre-Set to.

  • Need help to to order a new e-pill Medication Reminder? Help to Order
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