Eye Medication Reminders

Eye Medication Reminders
The most common therapeutic uses for eye medications include glaucoma, eye infections, allergy and inflammation (redness) of the eye.

Eye Drop Medication Reminder
Signal Yourself

  • Use an e-pill Medication Reminder for your Eye Drops / Eye Medications.
  • Most popular e-pill Eye Drop TimeCap with LAST OPENED Indicator / 24 Alarms.

  • Many eye medications / eye droppers fit inside the popular e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap (SKU 941457).

    Easy-to-Use: This epill (e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap) may be used with Alarms (set on the hour / maximum 24 times per day) or simply take advantage of the LAST OPENED indicator (no settings required).

    Any of the e-pill Multi-Alarms work well and are very easy to set. The e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch offers the additional benefit of medical snooze ('It NAGS').

  • Set a Daily Clock or Watch Alarm to serve as a reminder to take your eye drops.
  • Keep a calendar nearby and draw an “X” through each day after your medication is taken. This will serve as an easy visual cue to whether you took your medicine that day.
  • Place a towel, scarf, or other object in a place where it can serve as a reminder to take the medication. (For example: place a cloth over your alarm clock so that the cloth reminds you to take the medicine before the alarm is set for the next day.)
  • Put a reminder note in a prominent location, such as on the refrigerator door or on the mirror in your bathroom.
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