e-pill Monitor (not manufactured by e-pill, LLC)

e-pill Monitor (not manufactured by e-pill, LLC)

The e-Pill that will Monitor Your Health by Proteus
(not manufactured by e-pill, LLC)

FDA approves Proteus Digital Health's e-pills for dose monitoring

FDA has cleared a unique tiny ingestible sensor. The sensor will transmit information about the user vital signs as well as how well they handle their prescribed medication regimen. All this is done wirelessly and transmitted to a patch on the user's body and then to an app on the users mobile device. | e-pill devices in clinical studies | List of All e-pills

The e-Pill should be most advantageous to people with people with chronic or long lasting diseases such as tuberculosis or diabetes well as for elderly people, who may forget to take their medication. | Learn e-pill Reminders for SENIORS

More information can be found on Proteus Digital Health website: Learn more

Note this device is NOT manufactured by e-pill, LLC dba e-pill Medication Reminders.

Note e-pill is a registered trademark owned by e-pill, LLC. Proteus is not affiliated with e-pill, LLC
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