Senior Reminders

Medication adherence devices for use in the hospital, elder and rehabilitative care, and home environments.

Falls and incorrect use of medication often force seniors out of their homes and into institutionalized care.

If you have got an older person in your life or as a patient, consider getting them an e-pill Medication Reminder that makes their drugs easy to take and easy to track:

  • Automatic Pill Dispensers (Automatic Medication Dispensers) Most popular DISPENSER with Caregiver Notification MONITORING (FREE Monitoring)
  • Compare Automatic Pill Dispensers | Combo Locked Pill Dispenser + Tipper
  • Select Pill Boxes and Medication / Medicine Organizers
  • Parkinson's Timers and Alarms (
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    These e-pill Medication Reminders may seem like simple tools, but it’s easy to forget that medication interactions can be just as dangerous as a car accident. Adverse drug reactions are far more common than we like to believe, and even if they’re not deadly at first, they can severely damage the quality of life for those we love. Similarly, this frees up the elderly to take medications on their own schedule, not someone else’s. Common medication adherence issues:

  • Forgetting to take medication on time.
  • Mistakenly taking too many doses at once.
  • Taking another dose too soon after the first one.
  • Getting different pills mixed up.

  • A significant percentage of all admissions to hospitals and nursing homes can be traced to failure by the elderly or vulnerable to take the prescribed medication on time or in the correct dosage.

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