The Doctors: e-pill featured on THE DOCTORS Television Show

The Doctors: e-pill featured on THE DOCTORS Television Show

The Doctors TV Show features:
e-pill 4 Alarm POCKET
Vibrating Pill Box Automatic Medication Reminder

'So this is called the e-pill reminder. So you set it - it reminds you to take your pills. [This e-pill is] for people taking multiple medications.' | ORDER this e-pill Automatic Medication Reminder. Dipensers

ePill Automatic Medication Reminder

'So you can set it for the different pills you take throughout the day. Pill number 1 at 10 AM, pill number 2 at noon.


Because it will separate your pills. On the back there is a compartment for when you want to take your first set of pills, 2nd set, 3rd and 4th and so on.'

'I like to use it for my vitamins....'

Beep / Vibration / Beep - 'I am sorry I got to take a pill'
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'That is great because it is so easy. When you take a lot of pills it is so easy to forget.'

Learn how an e-pill Automatic Medication Reminder can help you never forget to take your medications again! Order your ePill today! FREE Shipping. A risk free purchase with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. e-pill recommended by the Doctors on the DOCTORS TV show:
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