Press Release: e-pill Station Helps Disabled Folks Take Their Pills

e-pill Medication Reminders Announces Availability of World's First Easy-to-Use Locked Pill Automatic Dispenser, Promoting Independent Living for People With Disabilities and Dexterity-Challenged Patients While Ensuring Chronic Medications Are Taken as Prescribed

Easy to Use Pill Dispenser for Dexterity Challenged Patients

Automatic locked medicine dispenser for patients with limited dexterity to dispense their own medications.

WELLESLEY, Mass., June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today e-pill Medication Reminders announced that a new device (e-pill Station) is being released for sale in the United States and Canada for patients on chronic medications with limited use of their hands such as patients with physical disabilities or medication induced tremors.

e-pill Station Helps Disabled Folks Take Their Pills

The world’s first easy to use locked pill automatic dispenser allows dexterity challenged individuals and People With Disabilities (PWDs) to live independently while ensuring that chronic medications are taken as prescribed and on a regular basis.

Independent living is a major goal for all chronic patients, people with physical disabilities and most seniors. 'e-pill is an expert in medication adherence. We have developed this new e-pill medication reminder in response to requests from Parkinson’s patients for an easier to use automatic pill dispenser when they are not well controlled' says Stefan Solvell, President of e-pill Medication Reminders. 'We are proud to release the e-pill Station today as an easy to use telehealthcare solution for anybody with limited use of their hands to take control and manage chronic medications from a locked medicine dispenser at home. The e-pill Station does not need the computer, the internet and has no monthly fees'.

The e-pill Station from e-pill Medication Reminders (SKU 996024 /, the leader in medication adherence devices, is a complete medication management system and contains the locked automatic pill dispenser, the “zero-gravity” tipper and a re-usable stainless steel medicine cup.

It has an introductory price of $324.95 with no monthly fees and is available immediately from or This device can also be ordered as an accessory (e-pill Tipper) for an existing e-pill automatic pill dispenser (e-pill MD1 / e-pill Med-Time XL) for $129.95.

All e-pill devices are designed to increase medication adherence and patient compliance, a growing challenge in the medical and health fields. Founded in 1999, Boston based e-pill Medication Reminders offers a wide variety of electronic devices to allow patients to continue to live independently at home. Products ('e-pill Medication Reminders') range from electronic medicine boxes to very sophisticated locked automatic pill dispensers that will alert a remote caregiver if medications are missed.

We sell 53 different electronic medication reminders. All e-pill Medication Reminder devices can be ordered on-line from or by calling toll-free 1-800-549-0095. e-pill and ePill are registered trademarks.

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