Apple Watch compatible e-pill Dispenser: Accutab Personal Pillbox

Apple Watch compatible e-pill Dispenser: Accutab Personal Pillbox

Accutab Personal Pillbox: Apple Watch compatible pill dispenser won’t let you forget medications

Now that people have got their hands on the much anticipated Apple Watch, it isn’t surprising that there is going to be influx of accompanying accessories too. Boston-based e-pill Medication Reminders has come up with Accutab Personal Pillbox, the world’s first pill box for smartwatches. The device is designed by an arthritis patient, and it is best suited for elderly or people who have the habit of forgetting to take medication on time.

Accutab Personal Pillbox pill dispenser compatible with all smartwatches. Stores 25 pills at a time.

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Going with the tech savvy era of smartwatches, this pill dispenser is compatible with recently released Apple Watch and other Android smartwatches too. The pill dispensing device is specifically pitched for Apple’s smartwatch seeing its popularity, and uses Apple Watch’s daily alarm function that uses Web MD medication reminder function. This feature can be used to schedule daily pill reminder for any kind of medication schedule.

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Accutab Personal Pillbox in conjunction with Apple Watch gives you timely reminder on the kind of medication to take, at what interval to take and with image notification. It can dispense any kind of medication three times per day; be it Rx prescription pills, OTC medicines or vitamins/supplements. The gadget can easily hold 25 aspirin-sized medicines and according to the medication prescription it dispenses them accurately.

The smartphone compatible pill dispenser is available for purchase at a price tag of $39.95 USD from their product website and Amazon too. Once you have got this pill dispenser you can mount it to any wall and then be rest assured of timely medication via alerts on your Apple Watch.
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