Epilepsy & Medication Compliance

Be the captain of your own ship.

Epilepsy Medication Adherence and Patient Compliance

The Titanic Impact of Medication Compliance on Epilepsy.

Learn about THE IMPORTANCE OF COMPLIANCE IN EPILEPSY. Let's start talking about the way you take your seizure medicines by comparing you to the Captain of the Titanic.

  • Epilepsy Success story: John, is 25 and recently left home to live independently. He struggled with managing his medication which helped control his epilepsy and reduce the risk of tonic clonic seizures. As a result he relied heavily on both Community Nursing support and Social Care staff. He was frequently visited by paramedics and hated the ambulance trips to hospital. He acknowledges that he didn’t like so much attention which, although necessary, impinged on his lifestyle.

    His lifestyle also suffered because he was experiencing absent periods following a seizure, mainly in the mornings. This, coupled with unsettled nights, affected his ability to function and manage everyday living. His home was in a poor state and his landlord was threatening to ask him to move.

    His family was worried for him and his friends were visiting less, worried by his seizures. He was reluctant to engage in voluntary work in case he had a seizure.

    Last year John started using the e-pill automatic pill dispenser and within a week his medication compliance improved which meant his medication started to help manage his epilepsy and his seizures reduced significantly. His sleep improved and he had more energy to live his life. He started to tidy up his home and his friends started visiting again reassured by his improved health.

    He was able to rely less on his visiting nurse after two months they now only visit on a planned basis to monitor. His care team visits have also reduced so John has regained control of his life to the delight of himself, his family and friends. His confidence has grown and now he has achieved his goal of working with a community agency greeting visitors to a local leisure centre. John has said using the e-pill dispenser was the turning point for him in getting on with his life.

  • e-pill Medication Reminders: Our company sells a range of medication reminders and organizers to help people remember to take their medications e.g. reminder watches, automatic pill dispensers, vibrating pagers, cell phones, medical jewelry (epilepsy bracelet), and pill timers.
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