Helping you live Independently at Home

Helping you live Independently at Home
Living alone and taking medications: Staying at your home where you are most comfortable is the goal. Improper medication management can get in the way of independent living.

e-pill Medication Reminders. Helping you live independently at home.

Start using an e-pill Automatic Pill Medication Dispenser Machine Monitored / Stand-alone today:

Irregular Medication Use Puts Seniors at Risk for Falling: Learn more | Senior Reminder

Reduce the risk of medication errors / safely age-in-place:

If you value your health and independence, it is important to take medications exactly as your doctor or health care professional prescribed them. Yet improper medication management (poor patient compliance) can get in the way of independent living, creating stress for yourself and your loved ones.

Easy-to-use solutions from e-pill that helps maintain the proper medication schedule.
With the complexity of medications many seniors take, it is no surprise that 10 percent of hospital admissions for seniors are a result of medication errors. Our company, e-pill Medication Reminders offers several simple and proven Medication Dispensing Machines and Pill Dispensers (pillbox with an alarm) that can help you or a loved one continue to live independently at home.

Our e-pill Medication Dispensing Machines have been proven to deliver a 95+% dispensing adherence. Order your e-pill Automatic Pill Machine today.
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