Helping you live Independently at Home

Helping you live Independently at Home
Living alone and taking medications: Staying at your home where you are most comfortable is the goal. Improper medication management can get in the way of independent living.

e-pill Medication Reminders. Helping you live independently at home.

Start using an e-pill Automatic Pill Medication Dispenser Machine e-pill Station / e-pill Station Pro today:

Caring for aging parents comes with many challenges, but ensuring they take medications properly shouldn't be one of them. If you're struggling to help your elderly mom or dad remember their medication schedule and dosages, an e-pill station could be the ideal solution for better medication adherence.

As people grow older, cognitive issues like memory loss can make it difficult for seniors to stay on top of complex medication regimens. This puts them at risk of missed doses or accidental double dosing - both of which can have serious consequences for their health. e-pill stations provide the answer for safe, reliable medication management for the elderly.

These innovative automatic pill dispensers take the hassle out of handling prescriptions for your aging mom, dad or loved one. e-pill stations improve medication compliance through features like:

• Scheduled dispensing of proper medication doses with reminders • Locked compartments to prevent incorrect dosing • Easy loading and programming for all prescriptions • No cord required - a self-contained, plug-free system

By providing scheduled audible and visible pill reminders, e-pill stations empower seniors to self-administer medications correctly and independently. This promotes safer aging at home while giving caregivers invaluable peace of mind.

The e-pill station is a worthwhile investment for your elderly parents' health and your own peace of mind as their caregiver. The improved medication adherence helps prevent adverse events requiring hospitalization.

Getting started is easy - simply load your mom or dad's prescriptions, program the schedule, and introduce them to the system. From then on, the e-pill station will handle their whole medication routine, sounding an alarm and dispensing the proper pills at each scheduled time.

Irregular Medication Use Puts Seniors at Risk for Falling: Learn more | Senior Reminder

Reduce the risk of medication errors / safely age-in-place:

If you value your health and independence, it is important to take medications exactly as your doctor or health care professional prescribed them. Yet improper medication management (poor patient compliance) can get in the way of independent living, creating stress for yourself and your loved ones.

Easy-to-use solutions from e-pill that helps maintain the proper medication schedule.
With the complexity of medications many seniors take, it is no surprise that 10 percent of hospital admissions for seniors are a result of medication errors. Our company, e-pill Medication Reminders offers several simple and proven Medication Dispensing Machines and Pill Dispensers (pillbox with an alarm) that can help you or a loved one continue to live independently at home.

Our e-pill Medication Dispensing Machines have been proven to deliver a 95+% dispensing adherence. Order your e-pill Automatic Pill Machine today.
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