Pharmaceutical Industry and Medication Adherence Patient Compliance

Pharmaceutical Industry and Medication Adherence Patient Compliance

Dig Into the Cause of Non-adherence.
Pharmaceutical Industry and Medication Compliance

Pharmaceuticals - DTC - Patient Compliance - Medication Adherence: AstraZeneca releases Patient Compliance Study

Learn about AstraZeneca's Patient Compliance findings: Medication Adherence / Patient Compliance Study.
AstraZeneca & American Heart Association:

.... Taking medication isn't always as simple as swallowing a pill ......

Daily tips for healthy blood pressure (Wall Street Journal): As many as 50% of all medications are taken incorrectly, leading to about 9 million adverse drug reactions and a quarter of all nursing home admissions. Certain foods, drinks, activities, and other drugs may not mix with your meds. Check with your physician or pharmacist to make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your medication buck.

Learn more about Medication Adherence and Patient Compliance:

STUDIES and FACTS & FIGURES. Compliance adherence STATISTICS. LISTING all ePills.

Example: Compliance in Hypertension (Blood Pressure) | Compliance in Bipolar Disorder | Compliance in Epilepsy | Compliance in Urotherapy (Incontinence) | List of e-pill Clients & Customers
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