Antibiotic e-pill Dual Reminder

Can't remember if you took your antibiotic this morning? Consider using World's best medication reminder for antibiotics (for example penicillin).

Antibiotic e-pill DUAL Reminder.
Never forget your antibiotics again with this (foolproof) e-pill Medication Reminder

The Antibiotic e-pill DUAL Reminder may be the World's Best Medication Reminder for Antibiotics. It consists of (A) Pill Alarm, (B) LAST TAKEN Reminder, (C) Pill Bottle / Pill Dispenser to hold your antibiotic. Use this e-pill Medication Reminder at Home, Work, School or while traveling.

Both devices (4 Alarm Pill Timer and Pill Dispenser Bottle with LAST TAKEN Reminder Cap) fit in your purse, backpack or pocket. Never forget to take your antibiotics again!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. One Year Warranty. FREE Standard Shipping. No monthly Fees.

How-It-Works / How to Avoid Medication Errors or Double Dosing with the Antibiotic e-pill® DUAL Reminder™:

  • Daily Alarms: Set 1, 2, 3 or 4 Alarms on your e-pill Timer. Select Beep Alarm, Vibration Alarm or BOTH. It will alarm every day at the same time(s) - no reset required. It also offers medical snooze (if you have not taken your antibiotic right away it will come back 4 minutes later and then again 8 minutes later).
  • Last Time (and Day) Taken: Simply set time and day of week on your e-pill TimeCap. Put your antibiotic in the included pill bottle (pill bottle for you antibiotics is included). In case you forget, from now on the display will automatically show the Time (and Day) pill dispenser (bottle) is was LAST OPENED.
  • Daily Routine: When you hear (or feel) the alarm simply take your antibiotics from the pill bottle and after you have swallowed them, press the stop button (center button of your e-pill Timer). If you are not sure if you took your antibiotics, look on the e-pill TimeCap. It will show you when the bottle was last opened.

  • I'm so frustrated! I'm pregnant and on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection,
    and I can't remember if I've taken my pill already this morning!

  • Antibiotic e-pill DUAL Reminder. ORDER this ITEM scroll down below (to purchase both devices together).
  • 1 x e-pill 4 Alarm VIBRATING Pocket (SKU 960622) Order (Pill Alarm only)
  • 1 x e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap (SKU 941457) Order (LAST TAKEN Reminder + Pill Bottle only)

  • My name is Lori and I wanted to let you know how helpful one of your products (Antibiotic e-pill Dual Reminder) has been to my recovery. This year I have had 5 surgeries due to cancer and twice have been put on oral antibiotics for 21 days. After some research on line I found your product (Antibiotic e-pill Dual Reminder) containing two parts; an alarm unit, plus a bottle with an alarm time cap. It has been very important for me to take the antibiotic 4 times per day and at the same time every day. Thanks to the alarm this has been possible. Just as helpful has been the time cap which tells me when I last opened the pill bottle. I am almost 60 years old and I do not consider myself forgetful. However on a busy day it is very easy for the hours to go by and all of a sudden you have forgotten your important medicine. These two pieces are also small enough to put in your purse and bring with you to work or travel. Thank you e-pill for a wonderful product. I am on my way to a speedy recovery.

    (7:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 10:30 PM)

    Antibiotic Pill Reminder: For many people the answer for perfect (or better) medication adherence with a antibiotic regimen is to use the Antibiotic e-pill Dual Reminder. You can purchase it as a kit (order button below) or purchase the e-pill Multi-Alarm Timecap (SKU 941457 UPC 837066000039) + the e-pill 4 Alarm Vibrating Pocket Alarm (SKU 960622 / UPC 837066000206).
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