Many of our customers are HIV/AIDS patients or Institutions caring for HIV/AIDS patients.

NEWS: VNR Home Care Services (Visiting Nurse Regional Health Care Services, Brooklyn, NY ) Launches MedSmart to Support HIV/AIDS Medication Therapy Management

A select number of HIV patients with complex drug regimens and history of noncompliance will receive MedSmart Systems -- an Automated Dispensing and Reporting Solution. The goal of the program is to simplify medication therapies for patients and empower clinicians and caregivers with real-time, continuous information to improve compliance, decrease hospitalizations and optimize health resources.

Thomas Smith, RN who is the Nursing Coordinator of VNR's HIV/AIDS program stated, "Medication errors is the second highest reason for emergency room visits and hospitalizations in the United States with the average cost of an emergency room visit about $4,000 dollars per visit. An older person taking his or her medication on time is a key difference between staying at home and living in an institution. Many of my clients have needed their medications pre-poured by an RN for years; this is the first time that we can monitor and remind them to take them on time. I expect to see improved cardiac status and weight gain from my frail patients with complex service issues." Learn more

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