Accutab Loading / Filling your e-pill Accutab once a Week

Loading (filling) your e-pill Accutab every Seven (7) Days / on a Weekly basis:

Accutab is intended to provide up to three doses per day starting with the Monday AM dose and continuing through Sunday PM. Accutab should be loaded after the Sunday PM dose and before the Monday AM dose. | Order e-pill Accutab

Accutab should only be loaded when the word LOAD appears in the Dose Window
(which shows the dose last taken):

  • 1. Ensure the word LOAD is visible in the dose window. If LOAD is not visible move the red dispensing lever from left to right until LOAD is visible.
  • 2. When loading, remove Accutab from its bracket and place it on at surface.
  • 3. Load your medications in the appropriate compartments according to your dosing schedule. For each Day of the Week, three compartments are provided and are labeled AM (morning), NOON (middle of day), and PM (night). You may fill up to 25 aspirin-sized tablets in each dosage compartment.
  • 4. After loading, insert Accutab into its bracket.
  • Your e-pill Accutab is now ready for operation. The dose that appears in the clear window is the dose LAST TAKEN.

    Operating the Accutab is very simple. Place your hand or a container (”medicine cup”) under the dispensing opening located on the bottom of Accutab. Moving the red dispensing lever from left to right one time will dispense one dose at a time.

    The dose will fall from the dispenser opening. The compartment day/time label viewed through the dose window is a convenient reminder of the LAST DOSE TAKEN (last dose dispensed). The clear compartment walls allow you to see that all medications have fallen from the compartment, and that no medications are left in the tray.

    Loading / Filling Instructions for Accutab

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