Accutab Installation, Loading and Operation

Accutab Installation, Loading and Operation
e-pill Accutab Installation, Loading and Operation

How to Install your e-pill Accutab Pill Dispenser

How to install your new e-pill Weekly Accutab Personal Pillbox and Pill Dispenser in your kitchen or bathroom. | ORDER e-pill Accutab

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Permanently mounting your e-pill weekly medication dispenser before its first use is recommended. Your new e-pill dispenser comes with an easy to install bracket (screws are included) designed to mount under cabinets or shelves.

Some versions of the e-pill Accutab also include Mounting Tape and/or a slide-on Wire Bracket (minimal installation required).

NOTE Accutab is NOT childproof.

Screwdriver is the only tool required for installation. A pencil is useful for marking the mounting location. The bracket is attached to the mounting surface with four screws provided.

1. Find a convenient and suitable location to mount your Accutab. Some oral tablets and capsules react adversely to high humidity. Mounting directly over sinks or in bathrooms is not recommended. Accutab is not child proof and we recommend mounting inside a cabinet, out of reach of children.

2. Insert Accutab into its bracket and hold the assembly in place, making sure there is clearance for removing and inserting Accutab.

3. While holding the assembly in place, mark the screw locations on the mounting surface through the holes in the bracket with a pencil or pen.

4. Remove Accutab from the bracket and attach the bracket to the mounting surface with the four screws provided. Once the bracket is attached, insert Accutab and test its operation.

Loading and Operation

Accutab is intended to provide up to three doses per day starting with the Monday AM dose and continuing through Sunday PM. Accutab should be loaded after the Sunday PM dose and before the Monday AM dose. Accutab should only be loaded when the word LOAD appears in the dose window.

1. Ensure the word LOAD is visible in the dose window. If LOAD is not visible move the red dispensing lever from left to right until LOAD is visible.

2. When loading, remove Accutab from its bracket and place it on flat surface.

3. Load your medications in the appropriate compartments according to your dosing schedule. For each day of the week, three compartments are provided and are labeled AM, NOON, and PM.

4. After loading, insert Accutab into its bracket. Accutab is now ready for operation.

Operating the Accutab is very simple. Place your hand or a container under the dispensing opening located on the bottom of Accutab. Moving the red dispensing lever from left to right one time will dispense one dose. The dose will fall from the dispenser opening. The compartment date/time label viewed through the dose window is a convenient reminder of the last dose dispensed. The clear compartment walls allow you to see that all medications have fallen from the compartment.
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